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    Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 24

    Although riding an electric bike is enjoyable, we all secretly desire it to move a little faster. Nobody has ever claimed that traveling slower is more efficient when riding anything. How can you speed up and have more fun with your e-bike? You may be able to accelerate your e-bike by doing a few things. Let's look at how to make electric bikes a little more enjoyable and energizing.


    • 1.What is The Top Speed of An Electric Bike
    • 2.How to Make Your Ebike Go Fast?
      • 2.1 Stay Charged Up
      • 2.2 Use a Higher-Power Battery
      • 2.3 Replace Your Motor
      • 2.4 Boost Tire Air Pressure
      • 2.5 Ensure Battery Coolness
      • 2.6 Reduce Weight
      • 2.7 Check Your Brakes
    • 3.The Bottom Line
    • 4.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    What is The Top Speed of An Electric Bike?

    If your e-bike is already fast, you might ask why anyone would wish to enhance its speed. The maximum speed and total battery power of your electric bike are subject to manufacturing guidelines.

    Generally speaking, most electric bikes in the market have a top speed of 20 mph, while some may go as fast as 28 mph. Even faster than 28 mph models are available, but legal requirements constrain them.

    For example, in the United States, a standard e-bike, such as Macfox-X1, has a maximum range of 20 mph and a battery capacity of 750 watts or less.

    Fortunately, most bike makers preconfigure their models to adhere to these rules, allowing you to ride your e-bike on public roads.

    All 50 states in the United States must abide by the rules because they are federal law. Unfortunately, the definition of an electric bike is unclear in about half of the states. Hence, if you purchase an e-bike with a top speed of 20 mph, you are buying a motor vehicle.

    Moreover, some e-bike manufacturers have bikes that can reach 28 mph. They are legal to use on public roads in several nations if you don't use the throttle only to get that speed. However, it is permissible if you use the pedal assist.

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    How to Make Your Ebike Go Fast?

    There are multiple ways to speed up your bike. Continue reading if you are looking for techniques to accelerate your e-bike's speed.

    Stay Charged Up

    The voltage of a battery increases with the state of charge. Voltage solely determines the DC motor speed, like the one on your e-bike. Hence, greater voltages result in faster speeds. You'll naturally move faster if you have a full battery.

    As a result, you should charge more frequently—possibly after each trip—instead of combining many excursions on a single charge. Invest in a cheap charger to power up the battery at work or anywhere you frequently travel daily. As a result, you won't be stranded on the road due to low battery power.

    Remember that allowing your battery to remain fully charged for extended periods can harm its long-term health.

    Use a Higher-Power Battery

    Replacing the battery with a higher voltage one can substantially increase your speed. It is because the speed of your bike's motor depends on the amount of energy (voltage) it receives on pedaling.

    However, you must ensure that your bike can withstand a greater voltage before modifying it; otherwise, you risk harming your controller. You can check the controller or contact the company to learn about the voltage capacity of your bike.

    Remember that changing the battery is trickier because off-the-shelf e-bike batteries typically come with unique casings.

    Replace Your Motor

    Using a motor with a more excellent RPM rating (sometimes called the motor's KV rating) for your particular voltage is another option to boost speed. Simply find an engine that is more powerful than your current motor in terms of KV or RPM. For instance, if your 48V e-bike rides at around 20 mph, you may install a hub motor and increase your speed to approximately 28 mph.

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    Boost Tire Air Pressure

    Your tires bike's rolling resistance will decrease if you pump up the air in them. The wheels' diameter will increase, allowing you to travel further each round. Your electric bike will become slightly faster. However, the ride will become harsher, which is a drawback.

    Pavement cracks will become more noticeable to you. Moreover, over-inflated tires will reduce your traction.

    E Bikes Mountain Bikes

    Ensure Battery Coolness

    A happy battery is a cool battery. Moreover, a full battery experiences less voltage sag. Lower voltage also correlates to reduced speed.

    So, to prevent it from overheating, ensure it receives enough cooling air. While most e-bikes now have adequate cooling, some models with the battery concealed in a bag may have heat-related problems, affecting your maximum speed.

    Reduce Weight

    The weight can affect speed similarly to flat or underinflated tire might. The weight affects the driving and the acceleration speeds. Being lighter means riding more quickly. This doesn't necessarily refer to your weight but to any unneeded items, you may be transporting.

    Check Your Brakes

    Poorly tuned brakes can reduce the speed of your e-bike because brake rub adds needless friction. Either get a cheap cycling multi-tool and learn how to adjust your brakes, or go to your neighborhood bike shop and request them if they can help you.

    The Bottom Line

    The most challenging vehicle to operate in the modern world are e-bikes. Cyclists also constantly complain about the speed limit restriction. They are continually looking for simple ways to get around this restriction.

    The methods and suggestions mentioned above can make electric bikes go faster than before. But remember, there are downsides too. To find the best electric commuter bikes, visit the Macfox website. 

    Maybe it will be helpful for you:


    What is the top speed of most electric bikes?

    Most electric bikes have a top speed of 20 mph, with some models reaching up to 28 mph.

    How can you make your e-bike go faster?

    You can increase the speed of your e-bike by staying charged up, using a higher-power battery, replacing the motor, boosting tire air pressure, ensuring battery coolness, reducing weight, and checking your brakes.

    Why is it important to consider the downsides when trying to increase the speed of an e-bike?

    While there are methods to make electric bikes go faster, it's important to consider the downsides and potential trade-offs associated with each technique.

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