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    Electric Bike Pedal Assist vs. Throttle Mode

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Feb 08

    Electric bikes are known to be an easy way of reducing urban traffic and enhancing travel; hence, everyone loves them. If we compare the functionality of a manual bike with E-bikes, it won't take long to realize that E-bikes are worth every penny.

    Macfox electric bikes are easy to use, capable of carrying heavier loads and guaranteed longer range, require less maintenance and make pedaling a breeze. So it's no surprise that e-bikes have taken over the market.

    Before you plan to invest in these E-bikes, educating yourself about their parts and how they function is essential. In this article, we compare the different types of electric bikes, throttle, and bike pedal assist, to help you make the right choice:


    • 1.A Quick Glance at Pedal Assist and Throttle Mode
    • 2.A Quick Glance at the Throttle Mode
      • 2.1 Benefits of Using E-bikes Throttles
      • 2.2 Cons of Using E-bikes Throttles
    • 3.Electric Bikes Pedal Assisted
      • 3.1 Benefits of using E-bikes Pedal Assisted
      • 3.2 Cons of using Pedal Assisted E-bikes
    • 4.Throttle V/S Pedal-Assisted E-bike- Which One Should You Choose
    • 5.The Bottom Line
    • 6.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    A Quick Glance at Pedal Assist and Throttle Mode

    E-bikes are battery-powered bicycles that come with a pedal-assist or throttle mode.

    In the throttle mode, the E-bike's motor will help you zip up and down hills without pedaling. However, in the pedal assist mode, the motor will power the engine when you start pedaling yourself.

    These are the two options available in an e-bike, and the rider can choose either depending on their preferences.

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    A Quick Glance at the Throttle Mode

    A throttle mode functions similarly to how a motorcycle or any scooter operates. When the throttle engages, and the motor comes in contact with the power, it propels and starts operating. These boost up the bikes to deliver maximum speed.

    The throttle allows the rider to operate the bicycle via pedaling or kick in and enjoy fast rides. They also let users lower the speed or change to full power. Your bike's speed depends on its modulation, meaning if the modulation is good, you can increase the power quickly, and if the modulation of the cycle is low, then it means the power comes in quickly to speed up the bike.

    Within the regions of the US, these throttles can be operated within the two types of E-bikes; Class 2 and Class 3 E-bikes. Class 2 E-bikes are usually used as low-speed throttle-assisted bikes. Within the UK and Central Europe regions, those throttles operated on their own are considered illegal on E-bikes.

    Benefits of Using E-bikes Throttles

    Here are several benefits of e-bikes with a throttle mode:

    • The speed is fantastic, with an instant response. So, if you reside in a place that's crowded most of the time, you'll love using E-bikes to beat the traffic.
    • It's user-friendly, which means that even if you have any disability, you can still operate it without hassle.

    Cons of Using E-bikes Throttles

    Here are several cons of e-bikes with throttles:

    • Impossible to operate throttles with poor modulation during heavy traffic or in a rush.
    • The usage of E-bikes gets limited when it comes to their battery ranges as compared to manual bikes.

    Electric Bikes Pedal Assisted:

    Pedal-Assisted electric bikes or Pedelec are e-bikes that operate when you pedal them up. Compared to the throttle mode, these bikes are popularly used only in the UK and Europe.

    Once the rider pedals to move forward, the option of "top-up" appears on the e-bike. What's more? If you turn off their power, you can operate these E-bikes as manual bikes. This might be challenging since e-bikes are comparatively heavier and, thus, tricky to use as traditional bikes.

    However, the bikes comprise a torque-sensing element that allows the system to sense whenever the pedal is turned on. These bikes typically fall within the Class 1 and Class 3 categories of UK and Canadian law.

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    Benefits of using E-bikes Pedal Assisted

    You may enjoy using a pedal-assisted bike for its many benefits:

    • The pedal assist option is relatively easy to operate and maintain your focus.
    • It is easier to operate a pedal-assisted E-bike, especially for people unfamiliar with the throttle mechanism.
    • The pedal-assisted E-bikes tend to give more mileage than the E-bikes with throttle mechanisms.

    Cons of using Pedal Assisted E-bikes

    Pedal-assisted bikes only have several cons, including:

    • If a high-quality torque sensing system is taught in the E-bike, it might cost you an arm and a leg.
    • If you reside in a town with steep hills, then it is not recommended to purchase a pedal-assisted e-bike.
    • If your e-bike's torque sensing system is not sound, you might experience an unpredictable start and stop ride because the power will not sync with the pedal movement.

    Throttle V/S Pedal-Assisted E-bike- Which One Should You Choose?

    Now that we've discussed the pros and cons of pedal-assisted E-bikes and those with a throttle, you'll find it easier to make the right decision.

    Those who find it challenging to pedal will love the throttle mechanism since it eliminates manual pedaling. However, those who are fond of traditional cycles will enjoy a pedal-assisted E-bike. Therefore, the choice depends on your needs and preferences. However, remember that they are both on the pricier side.
    Furthermore, it's essential to consider their legality if you reside in the UK or Europe.

    The Bottom Line

    Throttle assist systems may sound like a hassle, but the ease they promise makes them worth the cost. However, if you love pedaling at high speeds, you'll have to add manual speeds through pedal-assisted e-bikes.

    Most electric bikes comprise throttle-assist systems and a pedal-assisted system, allowing you to choose between the two. Whatever you prefer, remember to have fun. Happy cycling!


    Q1:What are the benefits of using an e-bike with a throttle mode?

    Using an e-bike with a throttle mode offers instant speed and user-friendly operation.

    Q2:What are the cons of using e-bikes with throttles?

    The cons of e-bikes with throttles include difficulty operating in heavy traffic or rush hour and limited battery range compared to manual bikes.

    Q3:Which factors should be considered when choosing between throttle and pedal-assisted e-bikes?

    The choice between throttle and pedal-assisted e-bikes depends on individual needs and preferences. Throttles are suitable for those who find it challenging to pedal, while pedal-assisted e-bikes are preferred by those who enjoy traditional cycling.

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