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    Off road ebikes have become a global sensation, enhancing everyday tasks, including errand-running. However, new users often make common mistakes that can lead to reduced performance and damage. Understanding and avoiding these common errors can extend the life of e-bikes and yield an optimal biking experience.

    Common Mistakes Beginners Make on Electric Bikes

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Feb 07

    Across the globe, off road ebikes have gained immense popularity. After all, they can drastically simplify even the most difficult activities, like running errands! While riding an ebike is very similar to riding a traditional bike, there are a few things you need to pay special attention to.

    Efficient performance on ebike requires correct handling. The flawless operation of your e-bike depends on proper maintenance. E-bikes that are well-maintained also suffer from reduced battery and motor degeneration. Avoid making these 8 typical blunders that novices often do for the greatest results.


    • 1. 8 Common Mistakes Beginners Make With Electric Bikes
      • 1.1 Riding on a Flat Tire
      • 1.2 Shifting Gears Too Quickly
      • 1.3 Leaving the Battery Flat or Overcharged
      • 1.4 Starting the Bike on Turbo Mode
      • 1.5 Ignoring Error Codes
      • 1.6 Washing the Electric Bike Upside Down
      • 1.7 Not Getting the Electric Bike Maintained
      • 1.8 Not Using a Bike Lock
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    8 Common Mistakes Beginners Make With Electric Bikes

    Riding on a Flat Tire

    The quickest way to spoil a biker's day is a flat tyre. To have the flat tyre repaired, some riders pull their bikes to the location. Others never even notice a puncture. The brakes, wheels, motor and other parts of the electric bike suffer structural damage while riding on a flat tyre.

    A flat tyre poses a risk to the cyclist since it may pop off of the rim while they are riding. To prevent this, make sure your tyre is fully inflated before starting a ride. If you want to embark on a long ride, you should also have a flat tyre repair kit for your e-bike. In the event that you get trapped in the middle of nowhere, these preparations might save your life.

    Shifting Gears Too Quickly

    An electric bike might be difficult to ride up a mountain. This compels bikers to suddenly change gears without realising the harm this does to the cycle. This may damage the motor and perhaps lead to the chain breaking.

    Smooth gear changes are important whether you're driving on a road or climbing a mountain. Reduce the gears' initial load to do this. Additionally, you should only change gears when pedalling uphill.

    Leaving the Battery Flat or Overcharged

    The electric bike battery is the most important part. Avoid continuously charging the battery for improved performance and lifespan. This results in a partial charge cycle, which reduces the battery's lifetime. Always disconnect the charger when the battery is full to ensure your safety and the longevity of the battery.

    The battery shouldn't be left discharged for a long time after a ride, either. Over time, doing so may lower battery efficiency. You will be left with no choice but to purchase an expensive battery replacement if the battery starts to degrade. Therefore, you should charge your e-bike at least 70% after each ride for maximum benefits.

    Starting the Bike on Turbo Mode

    Always avoid starting the electric bike in turbo mode. Turbo mode expedites your ascent of the mountain, but it also has drawbacks. Turbo mode rapidly depletes the charge, so you can find yourself on the trail with either no battery at all or a broken one.

    The bike would have to carry a heavier power load the higher the mode. The correct procedure is to start the e-bike with little assistance and gradually increase it. It is advised to only utilise the higher assistance modes when necessary in order to extend the bike's range.

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    Lgnoring Error Codes

    Electric bikes have LCDs that show all the important data, such as battery life, distance, speed, and amount of assistance. Additionally, it alerts bikers to any engine or battery problems that need repair. Ignoring these error codes now might lead to worse problems later. The issue should be swiftly identified so that it may be rectified in a timely manner.

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    Washing the Electric Bike Upside Down

    Electric bikes often become soiled. After a messy ride, leaving your electric bike unwashed may lead to dirt and grime buildup. This has an impact on your bike's essential parts, causing them to rust and disintegrate.

    As a result, after each ride, you should clean your e-bike. Either water or a moist towel and soap will enough to clean it. There is no one "correct method" to clean standard bicycles. Electric bicycles, however, are unique. Make careful not to wash your electric bike upside down while washing it with water.

    A drain that allows soiled water to flow through without hitting the engine is a common feature of e-bikes with mid-drive motors. If this function isn't used, the motor can become wet and become inoperable until it dries. Always wash your bike while it is upright to prevent this, and don't forget to remove the battery beforehand.

    Not Getting the Electric Bike Maintained

    Many cyclists get a bit careless while maintaining their electric bikes. If you want to maintain your electric bike in good shape, you must do routine maintenance. Additionally, because e-bike parts are costly, replacing them repeatedly is the last thing you want to do.

    At the very least once every week, clean your bicycle. Any dirt and grime has to be removed from the chain and motor. Additionally, the moving components need to be oiled once a month. Last but not least, for a comfortable and secure ride, check the tyre pressure before each trip.

    Not Using a Bike Lock

    Imagine leaving your e-bike someplace and finding it gone when you get back. Sounds awful, doesn't it? Theft of electric bikes happens often. E-bikes are much more likely to be stolen than traditional cycles.

    Your dual battery ebike may be safeguarded against theft with a few preventative actions, however. The most crucial is to get a reliable bike lock. Avoid cable locks because they may be cut too easily. Before leaving your bike in an unattended area, be sure it is locked. Second, while you're outside, always leave your bike in an obvious location.


    Dual motor ebikes are expensive, especially the more complex versions. However, they do represent an investment. If you use and maintain your Macfox e-bike properly, you should get about 8 to 10 years of it. Most of the bugs we mentioned above have been addressed and have been fixed. By avoiding these mistakes, you can improve the performance and longevity of your e-bike.


    Q1:Why is riding on a flat tire dangerous for an electric bike?

    Riding on a flat tire damages bike components and poses a safety risk.

    Q2:What is the recommended way to start an electric bike to preserve the battery?

    Starting the bike in low assistance mode is recommended to conserve battery power.

    Q3:How can electric bike theft be prevented?

    Using a high-quality bike lock and parking in visible areas can deter theft.

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