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    Electric bikes have risen in popularity, allowing you to easily catch the breeze around the town and commute to work.

    A Comprehensive Guide to Storing your E-bike Safely- You Must Know

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 23

    Electric bikes have risen in popularity, allowing you to easily catch the breeze around the town and commute to work. No matter how often you use your e-bike, finding an appropriate and safe place for it is crucial.

    People who fail to store their e-bikes correctly can damage the bike’s finish and cause expensive repairs- and that’s the last thing you want! Therefore, to ensure your e-bike remains in tip-top condition, you must learn to store it safely.

    Below we’ve created a comprehensive guide on how to store your electric bike. Further in the article, we’ll also discuss ways you should keep it:


    • 1.Things to Consider when Storing Your E-bike
    • 2.Step-by-Step Guide to Storing Your E-bike Safely
    • 3.Tips and Tricks to Store Your Electric Bike in Winter
    • 4.Can You Store Your Bike Outside- What to Do?
    • 5.Where Should You Store Your Electric Bike
    • 6.The Bottom Line
    • 7.FAQs
    • 8.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    Things to Consider when Storing Your E-bike

    Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of storing an electric bike, here are several recommendations to keep in mind:

    • Avoid storing your e-bike in a high-traffic location and exposing it to excessive moisture
    • Ensure your garage doesn’t have chemicals, solvents, flammables, or ammonia-based cleaners
    • Avoid storing your electric bike in a place exposed to the elements, such as rain and sun
    • Select an e-bike rack that allows you to hang or stand the vehicle
    • Don’t put your electric bike on top of anything

    Step-by-Step Guide to Storing Your E-bike Safely

    Now, let’s discuss the best way to store your electric bike indoors:

    Store Your Battery Separately

    The first step to storing an e-bike is ensuring it doesn’t have a fully charged battery. Keeping an electric bike with a 100% charged battery can lead to battery depreciation.

    Therefore, we recommend charging the battery from 30% to 70%. In addition, it’s essential to remove the battery from your e-bike.

    Wondering why? Storing e-bikes with the battery plugged in can cause condensation build-up, leading to corrosion. After you remove the battery, remember to protect the battery’s contacts by applying grease.

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    Consider Your E-bike’s Weight

    The next to consider when storing your electric bike is its weight. It’s unlikely to hang an 80-pound bike on a ceiling mount, whereas it’s easy to stack lightweight e-bikes on the wall.

    Therefore, before deciding where to store your e-bike, you must consider the available space and the bike’s weight.

    Keep Your E-bike Away from the Elements

    Picture this: you chain your e-bike outside, exposing it to weather conditions. A few days later, it rains in your town, resulting in rust and permanent damage.

    To protect the integrity of your bike and ensure optimum performance, you must keep it safe from the elements, including rain, snow, and the sun.

    Get Your E-bike Lubed

    Before storing your electric bike for the next few months, lube the chain and other moving parts. Several lubricants are available, so pick one that matches your bike’s needs.

    Moreover, allow your bike to sit and wipe off the excess after applying lube. If you don’t, the oil might pick up dirt and grime, leading to build-up and mess. So, grab a clean cloth and scrub your electric bike to wipe excess oil from the nook and crannies.

    Ensure You Inflate Your Tires

    Typically, storing an e-bike with the tires fully inflated is best. That way, you can grab your electric bike and go for an exciting ride without delays!

    While inflating the tires, consider inspecting your e-bike and fixing loose parts!

    Put Your Electric Bike in a Clean Environment

    Storing your electric bike next to your woodworking and carpentry desk is the fastest way of damaging it. The debris flying from your machine can impair the performance of the e-bike significantly.

    Therefore, keeping your e-bike in a clean environment safe from dirt and debris is crucial.

    Tips and Tricks to Store Your Electric Bike in Winter

    Conditions are harsher during the winter season, and most people spend less time cycling. Therefore, if you plan to store your e-bike longer, you should aim to keep it inside.

    Protect your electric bike from the elements, store it inside, and remove the battery for long-term storage. In addition, ensure you recharge the battery once it reaches 20% to avoid decreasing its lifespan.

    You can even carry a spare battery with you to ensure you’re not stranded on the road due to power fails. Macfox storage bag is ideal in such cases as it is easy to mount on the bike, and made with fire and water-proof materials to keep your battery safe from weather hazards.

    Furthermore, ensure you store the bike at optimal temperature away from the rain and snow.

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    Can You Store Your Bike Outside- What to Do?

    If you prefer parking your electric bike outside, there are additional factors to consider. These include the following:

    Choosing the Right Rack and Location

    Store your electric bike on a rack that can withstand at least 50 lbs. In addition, ensure you lean your bike against a tree, building, or wall that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

    Use a Bike Cover

    Using a fully enclosed or open bike cover allows you to protect the e-bike from sun and moisture. That way, you can minimize the impact of weather elements!

    Purchase a Robust Lock

    You can’t ride an e-bike if it’s no longer there! Protect yourself from theft by installing a lock that ensures you can’t pedal without unlocking the internal mechanism.

    We recommend using multiple locks for maximum security.

    Step Thru Ebike

    Where Should You Store Your Electric Bike

    There are various ways to store your e-bike, including:

    In the Garage

    You’ll want to store your electric bike in a garage if you can access it. As a result, you can save space and eliminate the risk of adding clutter to your home!

    In a Floor Rack

    Use a floor rack to keep your bike in a neat corner inside your home or in a garage. With a frame, you can prop your bike instead of leaning it, thus protecting its finish.

    On the Wall

    Another fantastic way of storing an electric bike is installing adjustable mounts in your living space. To save space, you can buy mounts that fit your bike’s size and shape.

    In a Communal Bike Storage

    Many residential developers provide safe spaces for bike storage. Look for communal bike storage where you can lock your bike to keep it safe and secure until your next ride.

    The Bottom Line

    Following the proper storing guidelines is essential whether you’re storing your electric bike for a week or two months. Ensure you prepare your e-bike appropriately by removing the battery and creating a clean environment.

    Furthermore, if you keep it outside, invest in a high-quality UV bike cover and multiple locks. If you’re looking for a reputed e-bike brand that has accessories and gadgets in store, then check Macfox online and find all you need to improve your riding experience.


    Q1:What should you consider when storing your e-bike?

    Avoid high-traffic locations and excessive moisture.

    Ensure the storage area is free of chemicals and flammables.

    Protect the bike from exposure to elements like rain and sun.

    Choose an appropriate e-bike rack.

    Q2:How should you store your electric bike safely indoors?

    Store the battery separately with a charge of 30% to 70%.

    Remove the battery and apply grease to protect the contacts.

    Consider the weight of the bike and available space.

    Keep the bike away from the elements, such as rain and snow.

    Lubricate the chain and wipe off excess oil.

    Inflate the tires fully and inspect for loose parts.

    Store the bike in a clean environment, free from debris.

    Q3:What should you do when storing your electric bike during winter?

    Keep the bike inside and remove the battery for long-term storage.

    Recharge the battery when it reaches 20%.

    Consider using a spare battery for backup.

    Use a storage bag designed for weather protection.

    Store the bike at an optimal temperature, away from rain and snow.

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