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    • Feb 06

    As climate change advocacy gains traction, more individuals are opting for sustainable livelihoods. People all over the world are making conscious choices to give up modern conveniences such as single-use plastics, gas and diesel-powered vehicles, and fast fashion, among others. In response to heightened consumer expectations for sustainability, automobile manufacturers are striving to meet the demand in an era where environmental conservation and climate change mitigation are crucial.

    Whether you're commuting to work or seeking a leisurely ride to the top of trails, an electric bike, or fat tire electric bike, can offer the benefits of a traditional bike while also providing motorized assistance when needed.

    In recent years, electric bike technology has advanced rapidly, with virtually any type of bike now available with an integrated motor.


    • 1.What exactly is an electric bike
    • 2.How does an electric bike work
    • 3.Who is Macfox
    • 4.Before you ride, consider the following safety precautions
    • 5.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    What exactly is an electric bike?

    An electric bicycle, is a bicycle with a motor that assists you when you pedal. The motor is powered by a rechargeable battery usually installed on electric bikes.

    To be classified as an e-bike, the motor must provide assistance rather than propulsion, meaning you still need to pedal to receive assistance from the motor. The amount of assistance is determined by how hard you pedal and the level of assistance you have selected.

    Electric bike systems often offer various settings that allow you to customize the amount of power delivered through the pedals, balancing it with range and battery life considerations.

    Global legislation regarding electric bikes varies in terms of the level of assistance the motor can provide and the speed at which assistance is cut off. However, most e-bikes are limited to 250 watts of output, and assistance must cease when the speed reaches 25kph/15.5mph, except for the United States where it can continue up to 20mph.

    It's important to note that you can still ride faster than the assisted speed, but only with your own effort, as the bike's motor will no longer provide assistance beyond the speed limits set by the respective regulations.

    How does an electric bike work?

    Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, come with motors that are typically located either in the center of the bike (known as mid-drive motors powered by the cranks) or on the front or rear hub.

    A hub-mounted motor directly propels the wheel, while a mid-drive motor works through the bike's chain and gears, utilizing a torque sensor to measure your effort and adjust the motor's power output accordingly.

    The idea is to provide a smooth and seamless power delivery that complements your pedaling, without completely taking over. This allows you to still pedal and get exercise while enjoying the assistance of the motor. Riding an electric bike for exercise is perfectly feasible.

    The battery, which can be mounted externally or concealed within the bike's frame, provides the power for the motor. Some batteries can be removed for charging, while others require charging while still on the bike, necessitating access to a power outlet for charging.

    A motor controller, typically located on the handlebars or integrated into the frame, allows you to select the level of assistance you desire and monitor the battery level. Some controllers may also include a navigation screen and other additional features.

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    Who is Macfox?

    Macfox is actively working on expanding the brand in the North American market. Our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly and ecologically sound alternative means of transport with the best technology available.

    Let’s get to know the various offering of the Macfox brand and the general specifications:

    Electric Bicycle Longest Range
    • Brand: MacFox X1 
    • 20 inch Ebike
    • Model: Standard
    • Frame: Iron With Removable Battery Pack
    • Type of Battery: Li-ion 18650 48V 10.5A
    • Motor: 48V 500W
    • Max. Speed: 15.5mph
    • Range: 32 mile
    • Max. Torque: 65N.m
    • Tire: 20x4.0inch
    • SHIMANO 7-Speed
    • Double hall 12 pulse Speed Sensor
    • Weight: 75kg
    • Brakes: Single mechanical disc brake
    • Package:1 E-bike, 1 Bike light, 1 Charger, 1 Battery Pack
    • Price: $1399
    Best Electric Bike For Seniors
    • Brand: MacFox X2
    • 20 inch Ebike
    • Model: High-end
    • TS Frame AL6061 With Removable Battery Pack Type of Battery: U-ion 18650 48V 15.6A
    • Motor: 48V 750W
    • Max Speed: 15.5mph
    • Range: 35 miles
    • Max. Torque: 80N.m Tire: 20x4.0inch
    • SHIMANO 7-Speed
    • Double hall 12 pulse Speed Sensor
    • Total Weight: 75kg
    • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    • Package:1 E-bike, 1 Bike light, 1 Charger, 1 Battery Pack
    • Price: $1899

    Before you ride, consider the following safety precautions

    When riding an electric fat tire bike for the first time, it's important to prioritize safety. Don't assume that you know everything or that you can ride without any issues. Taking some basic precautions can help you avoid unexpected problems and ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. Here are some steps to keep in mind:

    • Check the bike: Before setting off, make sure the bike's battery is fully charged, the brakes are functioning properly, and the throttle is working. If you notice any unusual noises while running the bike, inspect them further before riding.
    • Gear Up: Wear appropriate gear and accessories for your safety, such as a helmet (every rider's best friend), eyeglasses, a hitch rack, and a rack bag to securely carry your belongings.
    • Get in proper position: Make sure you are well-positioned on the bike, with a firm grip on the handlebars and your feet properly placed on the pedals.
    • Start with a test ride: Begin your ride with a short test ride to get familiar with the bike's handling, power assistance, and braking before heading out on longer rides.

    Are you considering joining the e-bike craze for a more convenient and eco-friendly commuting option, avoiding traffic, or enhancing your lifestyle? The Macfox e-bike is an excellent choice. Don't miss out on the future of e-bikes that are already here.

    Macfox's goal is to produce high-quality pedal electric bikes that offer commuters an alternative mode of transportation while reducing emissions that harm the environment.

    In conclusion, investing in a Macfox e-bike can provide you with benefits such as saving time, money, and contributing to a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the obvious advantages of time, environmental impact, and financial savings, cycling is also a highly recommended form of exercise for overall health and well-being.

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    What are the main components of an electric bike?

    An electric bike consists of a motor, a rechargeable battery, and a controller.

    What safety precautions should be taken before riding an electric fat tire bike?

    Before riding, ensure the battery is charged, brakes are working, and the throttle is functional. Wear appropriate safety gear and take a short test ride to familiarize yourself with the bike.

    Who is Macfox and what do they offer in their e-bike brand?

    Macfox is an expanding brand in North America, offering environmentally friendly and technologically advanced electric bikes, including models with removable battery packs, varying motor powers, speeds, and ranges.

    Meet the Team Behind Macfox

    The Macfox family is a dynamic, friendly, and welcoming community that shares a common passion. We're not just developing a product, but building a culture around it, and everyone involved with Macfox contributes to this ethos.
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