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    5 Changes After Choosing A Macfox Electric Bike

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 10

    Getting your very first Macfox electric bike can be a huge transition if you’ve never used an ebike before. The differences between a regular bike and an electric bike far outweigh the similarities, so it can be helpful to get a quick rundown on what to expect if it is your first time.

    Electric bicycles open up an entire new world of recreation and commuting. At Macfox, we make ebikes that are guaranteed to help you experience the most of what this great technology has to offer. Here are the top five ways your cycling days will be changed forever after getting your first Macfox ebike.


    • 1.Unparalleled Comfort
    • 2.Ergonomics, Redefined
    • 3.A Great Combination of Leisure and Exercise
    • 4.Adapting to the Speed and Power
    • 5.Ebikes are Inherently Environmentally Friendly
    • 6.Conclusion
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    Unparalleled Comfort

    One of the most important things about ebikes is that they offer a level of comfort that never declines during the ride. Macfox builds highly comfortable e-bikes to meet this expectation.

    For one thing, Macfox ebikes have thick 4 inch fat tires. Compared to average tire sizes which are half that, the wider tires provide an incredible sense of stability on all kinds of terrain, smooth or bumpy. No matter what you’re riding on or how fast you’re going, you’ll always feel like you’re riding on comfortable ground.

    Not only that but our Macfox ebikes all use a premium sponge seat that guarantees the softness you need for long commuting sessions. With high quality memory foam, the seat will remember your preferred posture and eliminate fatigue for even the most intense of rides.

    Electeic bike

    Ergonomics, Redefined

    Every Macfox ebike is designed and manufactured to have the most optimal frame and build-quality. Because these bikes are so ergonomic from the tires to the handlebars, they are perfectly suited to both the human body and the outdoor elements.

    Part of what makes Macfox bikes unique is that they are inherently wind resistant. The lighter and hollow frame makes it easy for wind to pass through, so you won’t feel impeded by winds with high speeds even when going at the maximum speed on your ebike.

    This makes riding a Macfox ebike feel comfortable and better equipped to deal with harsher conditions.

    A Great Combination of Leisure and Exercise

    The downside of driving a car is that it doesn’t allow you to get exercise, whereas the downside of walking to your destination is that it is far too slow. Owning an electric pedal assist bike combines the best of these two worlds so that you can get to where you’re going in a timely manner, but still get in some healthy workouts as well.

    One of the biggest changes you could possibly expect after choosing a Macfox electric bike is how it will become a key component of a new lifestyle. For many people, it can become a new start towards a healthier life in general.

    When you’re using a Macfox ebike to travel from point A to point B on a daily basis, you’ll eventually feel the benefits it will have on your body. Improved stamina and more energy in general are just some of the most basic benefits of using ebikes as exercise.

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    Even if exercise isn’t a priority of yours, having a fun and comfortable time probably is. One of the best things ebikes have over regular bikes is how easy they are to use. With just a simple twist of the throttle, you can be zooming on your way with little or no use of the foot pedals. This gives you the freedom to alternate between using ebikes as an exercise tool or as a way to let off steam and enjoy the breeze. This is a level of freedom that a standard bike cannot offer you.

    Keep in mind that if you want to experience a middle ground between leisure and exercise, each Macfox ebike comes with a pedal-assist function. This allows you to both use the handlebar throttle and your own feet for gaining speed and acceleration. You’ll be able to enjoy the boost of the electric bike as well as get some light exercise in at the same time.

    Ekectric bike

    Adapting to the Speed and Power

    While many components distinguish a regular bike from an ebike, the two most important differences on a mechanical level are the battery and the motor. They are what puts the “e” in ebikes, and they are what allows you to take full advantage of an ebike’s most important characteristics; the speed and power.

    Going at top speed on a regular bike is always a huge effort, even for professional athletes. With a Macfox ebike, you can go straight to 15 mph almost instantly without any excessive physical exertion on your part.

    This is perhaps the biggest change one has to get used to after choosing a Macfox ebike, because once you get a taste of that throttle, it can be hard to go back to regular bike riding. Being able to ride at 15 mph without the use of your legs can become addicting in ways you may not expect.

    Ebikes are Inherently Environmentally Friendly

    Perhaps the most unsuspecting change about choosing a Macfox ebike is how you will be helping the environment. Compared to automobiles, ebikes don’t release harmful emissions or make any kind of contributions to noise or air pollution. They are entirely electric, which makes them easy to charge and easy for the world around you to handle.

    If you’re living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle and are making an effort to produce less emissions, getting yourself a Macfox electric bike is a very logical move. You’ll be making your body and your community a healthier place.


    Electric bikes are a great way to get around, and if you've only ridden a regular bike, you'll love it. It combines two modes, and you can choose to pedal if you want to exercise your legs a little bit, or save some battery power. Plus, riding a bike is really fun! So try the Macfox Electric Bike for yourself and see the difference!

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    What are some of the key features of Macfox electric bikes that provide unparalleled comfort?

    Macfox electric bikes offer thick 4-inch fat tires for stability and a premium sponge seat for long-lasting comfort.

    How does owning a Macfox electric bike combine leisure and exercise?

    Macfox electric bikes allow riders to get to their destinations quickly while also providing the option for healthy workouts.

    What is one of the biggest differences between regular bikes and Macfox electric bikes in terms of speed and power?

    Macfox electric bikes can reach a speed of 15 mph almost instantly, providing a significant increase in speed without excessive physical exertion.

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