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    5 Common Misunderstandings of Ebikes

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 10

    Cyclists are finding e-bikes to be a novelty. There are many benefits to owning one of these innovative e-bikes. By using a form of transportation that doesn't spew harmful pollutants into the air, passengers can travel farther and faster with greater ease. While these benefits may convince some riders to switch to e-bikes, others may not see the benefits right away.

    Some misconceptions about these e-bikes are also why many people may be reluctant to use them. This blog post aims to debunk some common misconceptions about e-bikes.


    • 1.Common Misconceptions About Ebikes
      • 1.1 Riding An E-Bike Won't Help You Lose Weight
      • 1.2 E-Bikes Are Difficult to Use
      • 1.3 Ebikes Have a Short Range
      • 1.4 Expenses for Maintenance Are High
      • 1.5 Smooth, Flat Terrain Is Best For E-Bikes
    • 2. The Bottom Line
    • 3. Maybe it will be helpful for you

    Common Misconceptions About Ebikes

    If you are an e-bike enthusiast, you must have encountered one of these rumors. This article aims to debunk the misconceptions people have regarding e-bikes. 

    Riding An E-Bike Won't Help You Lose Weight

    Some still believe electric bicycles are exclusively for "lazy" or elderly people. Still, the truth is that e-bikes are fundamentally just conventional bicycles because they share the same gears and other parts. Regarding the ability to pedal whenever and as hard as you wish, e-bikes are identical to traditional bikes.

    E-bikes provide your effort an extra boost. The weight of a big battery can also add a load that amplifies the effect of your workout when you are riding up a steep slope. However, you should still aim to do it with just your leg strength.

    Mens electric bike

    Thus, you can use e-bikes for energy conservation in some situations while simultaneously serving as a tool for fitness. But, in our opinion, e-bikes are the ideal instrument for outdoor adventure due to their numerous switchable modes and essential ability for sightseeing.

    Like traditional bikes, e-bikes depend on your leg power to move forward and your balance between staying upright when not using the electric assist. As a result, riding an e-bike is similar to engaging in body exercise that keeps your entire body active and tense.

    As a result, riding an e-bike will help you get fit because it will get your muscles in good shape. Additionally, riding an e-bike maintains your fitness and enhances your quality of life.

    E-Bikes Are Difficult to Use

    An e-bike undoubtedly has a few additional parts, but at its core, it is still a bicycle with tried-and-true components and technology that haven't changed in decades. If you can adjust gears and brakes or replace punctures on a regular bike, you can handle doing the same on an e-bike.

    With all the comprehensive and promising features that modern living prioritizes, e-bikes are a significant product of the current era, considering the newer bits of technology involved. Recharging procedures are getting more accessible and more convenient all the time.

    Furthermore, the operating system in e-bikes can be as straightforward or as complex as you choose, with smart device connectivity or more sophisticated extra functions like incorporating heart rate monitor information. If you can operate a regular bike and a smartphone, you can understand how to handle an e-bike.

    Ebikes Have a Short Range

    The fact that the battery will eventually run out means you must recharge your bike. But e-bikes are still essentially bicycles; they serve the same purposes as regular bikes by allowing you to pedal whenever and whenever hard you like. E-bikes merely add an extra boost to your ride.

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    Even while climbing a steep slope is possible without electric assistance, using an e-bike to exercise will make you feel harder due to the added weight of the battery. But, once the charge has gone out, you can use e-bikes like regular bikes.

    The number of miles you ride without assistance is entirely up to you. E-bikes have lasting batteries that ensure a long distance without worrying about the battery running out within your physical ability. Your physical condition or spirit of adventure may be the only factors dictating how far you can go, not an e-bike.

    Plus, this fat tire e-bike is more durable and stronger than regular bikes.It will surprise you with its long-distance capabilities and help clear up the misconception that e-bikes are limited to short distances.

    Expenses for Maintenance Are High

    Some riders will find the cost of maintaining a battery and motor absurd because they might have to hire a professional dealer to take care of those parts, which could cost them several thousand dollars. Indeed, a few issues need to be resolved in this situation.

    The basic warranty on an e-bike battery is for roughly 1,000 charges or more than 30,000 kilometers. It follows that the additional components of your e-bikes will probably degrade more quickly than the motor and battery. A sealed engine is another benefit of an electric bike, as it requires no upkeep.

    Yet, you might be correct because you may need to change items like chains and cassettes a little more regularly. Moreover, it is because you can ride an e-bike more frequently compared to a conventional bike.

    Full suspension electric mountain bike

    Smooth, Flat Terrain Is Best For E-Bikes

    Some people believe you can ride e-bikes on smooth, level terrain. That is because the sharp stones or gravel can quickly break the tyre or cause you to feel violently jolted. Contrarily, the reality is that you can use e-bikes, such as in Macfox, to cross hard surfaces like beaches, forests, gravel, etc., in addition to climbing rugged hills.

    You can ride in the most accessible locations on an e-bike with fat tyres, and the seats are the most comfortable. On the one side, there are fat tyres for long-distance, poorly maintained highways. However, the well-known brand battery enables you to ride a much longer distance while using more power.

    Although it is true that if people ride e-bikes on a hard surface for an extended time, it can shorten the life of their tyres or even result in damage that can be irreparable.

    The Bottom Line

    E-bikes have become a trendy means of transport. With its numerous benefits, people of all ages prefer riding one to commute to work or run around other errands. Even though certain misconceptions are attached to e-bikes, none is true. That is why its popularity is increasing with every passing day.

    Being a rider, you may also have heard these misconceptions. Therefore, this article aims to clear the misconceptions of people to help you enjoy a fun ride!

    Maybe it will be helpful for you:


    Can riding an e-bike help you lose weight?

    Yes, riding an e-bike can help you lose weight as it provides a workout for your muscles and keeps your body active.

    Are e-bikes difficult to use?

    No, e-bikes are not difficult to use. They have similar components and technology to regular bikes, and if you can operate a regular bike, you can handle an e-bike.

    Do e-bikes have a short range?

    No, e-bikes have a long range and can be ridden for a significant distance before the battery needs to be recharged. The range depends on the physical ability and preference of the rider.

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