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    Biking vs. Running: Which is Better for Seniors

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 12

    Given that running and e-biking are some of the most popular cardiovascular exercises in the world, there's a good chance you've done at least one of them.

    Choosing which one to attempt may be challenging if you want to increase your cardio and develop some stamina. Although both hobbies have benefits, only one can win! So, which exercise is more beneficial for seniors when comparing cycling and running?


    • 1.The Value of Maintaining Activity as You Age
    • 2.Biking Vs Running: Which Is Better for Seniors?
      • 2.1 Calorie Burning
      • 2.2 Your Body and Your Safety
      • 2.3 Muscles
      • 2.4 Riding or Running Distance
      • 2.5 Injury Risk
    • 3.Running Vs Biking: What Should You Choose?
    • 4.The Bottom Line - What You Like Matters
    • 5.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    The Value of Maintaining Activity as You Age

    Our ability to walk becomes worse as we become older. However, poor walking ability is a risk factor for injury in older persons, so this is not ideal. The increased metabolic cost of walking that develops as we age is one of the factors contributing to poorer walking ability. However, there is a technique to stop this age-related shift from occurring. Older adults expend more energy while walking than young adults.

    A recent study compared runners and walkers over 65 for energy efficiency. They looked at how much energy average runners and walkers expended moving at various speeds. They discovered that older walkers and runners consumed different metabolic energy when walking.

    At the fastest walking speed, runners only needed to raise their power production by 86%, whereas walkers required 95%. The findings demonstrated that runners incur a lower energy outflow when walking than typical walkers.

    According to another research, runners can walk more effectively as their ankle joints have more efficient walking mechanics than walkers. Regular running could have a significant positive impact on your health if your health permits it. Don't let this research deter you from walking; it can be a really effective way to maintain good health. Moreover, one study revealed that walking might decrease cholesterol more effectively than jogging.

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    Biking Vs Running: Which Is Better for Seniors?

    Cycling and running are common pastimes and exercises that are popular worldwide. You can perform aerobic activities outside on city streets or scenic routes.

    Compared to cycling, running burns more calories. Nonetheless, it has a more significant effect and is harsher on the muscles and joints. Which is better for you? That relies on your objectives and the method you use to pursue them.

    Calorie Burning

    The intensity and duration of your workout will determine how many calories you burn while cycling or jogging. You should also consider your gender, age, weight, and other personal characteristics.

    Cycling and running both have higher calories burned. Cycling involves going on a bike, which supports your weight and causes you to move less. Running causes you to move more, burning a few more calories.

    An individual weighing 140 pounds typically burns 64 calories per 10 minutes on a bike traveling at ten mph and 132 calories per minute while running.

    Your Body and Your Safety

    Cycling will be the ideal choice if you have problems with your knee or ankle joints. The entire weight of your upper torso will rest on the seat because you won't be making that impact with each step you take. Cycling is, without a doubt, less taxing on your body.

    You must consider the fact that riding is riskier. You'll be moving much more quickly and close to other vehicles. These hazards arise if you reside in a bustling metropolis. Living close to well-kept cycle trails is less of a problem.


    How well we can maintain a running or bike regimen depends significantly on the condition and strength of our muscles. People will predominantly use extremely distinct muscle areas for these two activities. The quadriceps and hamstrings are the primary muscles used when riding. Running engages the plantar flexors, gluteus maximus, hamstrings, quadriceps, and other supporting muscles.

    Consider the exact muscles you want to work out when selecting between running and bicycling for seniors seeking a solid workout program.

    Riding or Running Distance

    The distance you can cover when bicycling or jogging is probably crucial. How in shape you are will determine how far you can go when jogging. It takes a long time to increase your endurance, but you can eventually run for several miles at a time.

    Cycling helps you to cover far greater distances because it requires significantly less work to move at running velocities or even faster. This allows electric bike riders to experience a considerably greater variety of activities.

    Middle-aged and elderly people can use the Macfox electric wide-tire bicycle for commuting, shopping, running errands, and exercising. Riding a bicycle is more convenient than running, allowing you to improve your health while also increasing your productivity.

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    Injury Risk

    Like other forms of exercise, biking, and running can also result in injuries. But your injuries can vary depending on whether you like riding or running. Due to prolonged hours spent hunched over and the possibility of falling, cyclists are more likely to get neck, head, wrist, back, and knee injuries. Conversely, runners are vulnerable to back, pelvic, foot, leg, and knee ailments. Running exerts a great deal of stress on the lower back, foot, and knee joints, which increases the likelihood of injury.

    Seniors should consider these injuries when deciding whether e-biking or running should be their new exercise regimen. More than two-thirds of runners reported pain from their injuries, compared with less than half of e-bike riders. The effects of running on the joints and backs of older adults, especially for extended periods of time, can have a major impact on their long-term health.

    Running Vs Biking: What Should You Choose?

    Riding an e-bike has many health benefits for older adults and can promote healthy circulation, including lowering blood cholesterol levels, reducing joint inflammation, promoting bone health and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    However, running stresses the joints and the heart and can have the same effect. Those with compromised heart health in middle and later life may consider riding an electric bike instead of running.

    The Bottom Line - What You Like Matters

    There are pros and cons to running and riding an e-bike. Overall, both are equally healthy for you. It really depends on which workout is right for your fitness goals, but it's also wise to choose an enjoyable activity.

    On the contrary, for the elderly, riding an electric bicycle has advantages over jogging. It is better for middle-aged and elderly people to ride electric bicycles with fat tires. They have to choose between riding an electric bike and jogging for a safe, healthy and long-term exercise program.

    Maybe it will be helpful for you:


    Which exercise is more beneficial for seniors, cycling or running?

    The benefits of cycling and running for seniors depend on individual goals and preferences.

    Does cycling or running burn more calories?

    Running generally burns more calories than cycling, but it varies based on intensity and duration.

    What are the potential injury risks associated with cycling and running?

    Cycling can lead to neck, head, wrist, back, and knee injuries, while running can cause back, pelvic, foot, leg, and knee ailments.

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