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    How To Choose a 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike?

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • May 03

    When it comes to e-bikes, the 750 watt fat tire e-bike is considered one of the best performing e-bikes out there and every cyclist wants one. But with so many options to choose from, the important question becomes, "How do you choose a 750W fat tire e-bike?"

    In this article, we reveal top tips to help you choose a 750 watt electric bike and we show you the overall best fat tire electric bike to buy for you. Let’s get on with it.

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    • 1.What is a 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike?
    • 2.What To Look For in a 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike?
      • 2.1 Check the Battery Capacity
      • 2.2 Check The Top Speed of The Bike
      • 2.3 What is The Bike’s Range and Mileage?
      • 2.4 Inspect The Bike Accessories and Add-Ons
      • 2.5 Does it Have a Warranty?
      • 2.6 Consider The Weight
      • 2.7 Consider The Price Tag
    • 3.What is The Best 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike To Buy?
    • 4.Final Words
    • 5.We recommend for you

    What is a 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike?

    Before we start digging into the features and specs of an electric bike, let's have a quick recap of what a 750-watt fat tire electric bike is.

    A 750-watt fat tire bike is an electric bicycle equipped with a 750-watt electric motor that assists the rider when pedaling. The bike is often bigger and heavier than conventional bikes and regular tire bikes because it is equipped with bigger components designed to match the power of the onboard motor.

    When looking to buy an electric bike, many riders go for the 750 watt fat tire bike because of its increased e-bike wattage.

    So, why does the e-bike wattage matter? Well, the e-bike wattage measures the power output of the onboard motor so, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor would be. A powerful motor will give you increased speed, acceleration, and power, so you can see why many bikers want the 750-watt electric bike.

    We discuss the different classifications of e-bike wattage in an earlier article.

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    What To Look For in a 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike?

    Here is how to choose a 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike:

    1. Check the Battery Capacity

    The first thing to do before choosing a 750-watt fat tire electric bike is to check the battery capacity of the bike. Your electric motor and e-bike battery work together to power and propel your electric bike, so both components must be complementary.

    A 750-watt e-bike motor needs an equally powerful e-bike battery for the best overall performance. If the battery isn’t strong enough, the 750-watt motor will drain the battery life quickly, leaving you with lower mileage.

    The Macfox 750W Electric Bike is equipped with a 48V 15Ah large-capacity electric bike battery, which can provide sufficient power for the motor.

    2. Check The Top Speed of The Bike

    You should consider the top speed of the bike and the legal requirements in your state of residence before purchase because a 750-watt electric bike motor is pretty powerful and can produce top speeds of well over 20 miles per hour.

    In some states like Iowa and Kansas, the legally-permitted top speed for an e-bike is 20mph, so a 750-watt electric motor capable of generating speeds around 28 mph will be illegal in such states. You should also look at the top speed from a safety perspective. If you aren’t an experienced rider, don’t go for a bike with high speeds or go for one with a speed limit.

    3.  What is The Bike’s Range and Mileage?

    When you want to choose a 750-watt e-bike, consider the bike’s range or mileage. The range tells you how far the bike can go (in miles) on a single charge. Many 750-watt e-bikes have a limited range because the motor drains the battery quickly, so you can’t ride for long distances.

    If you suspect that the bike’s range would be too short to cover your distances, you should go for one with more mileage. The Macfox 750-watt e-bike has a range between 45 and 90 miles on a single charge. That’s more than enough to get you to and back from wherever.

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    4. Inspect The Bike Accessories and Add-Ons

    Check the e-bike accessories and add-ons too. These features make riding your fat tire e-bike easier and comfier. The Macfox 750-watt e-bike is equipped with the latest upgrades including a dual suspension system, mechanical disc brakes, a 7-speed gear shifter, a PU memory foam seat, 4-inch wide tires, and several other accessories.

    5. Does it Have a Warranty?

    The best 750-watt e-bike should have at least a 2-year warranty on the different components of the bike. The warranty assures you that each component functions properly and as advertised. So, if anything goes wrong, the manufacturing company will be responsible for repairs, replacements, or settlements.

    The Macfox 750-watt e-bike comes with a 2-year general warranty that puts your mind at rest that you are buying the best.

    6. Consider The Weight

    One downside of 750-watt e-bikes is they are usually heavy due to the bigger components. As such, always consider the weight of the bike before purchase, especially if you’ll be carrying the bike up and down a flight of stairs daily.

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    7. Consider The Price Tag

    The improved features of a 750-watt e-bike often attract a high price tag, so check the prices and only choose a 750-watt e-bike that you can afford to buy. Luckily, you can purchase the Macfox 750-watt electric fat tire mountain bike for just $1500

    What is The Best 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike To Buy?

    The best 750-watt e-bike to choose is the Macfox X2. The Macfox X2 750-watt electric off road bike is ultra-durable, easy to operate, and affordable. It is equipped with a 48V large-capacity battery, twist throttle, a 7-speed gear shifter system, and mechanical disc brakes. You also enjoy a dual suspension system that makes your rides comfortable and effortless regardless of the terrain.

    Do you want to know more about the Macfox X2? Read the full specifications of the Macfox 750-watt e-bike.

    Final Words

    In summary, a 750-watt e-bike is on every rider’s wish list due to the impressive features and components of the bike. You can climb steep hills, navigate rough terrain, and haul more weight with a 750-watt e-bike.

    When shopping for yours, ensure to follow the tips revealed in this post, so you end up with the best option for you.

    If you want the best value for your money in terms of performance and specs, you should go for the Macfox. Its amazing specs make it the ultimate performance 750-watt electric bike.

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