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    Electric Bike Comparison: 6 Things You Need to Know

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 21

    Thinking of getting an best buy electric bikes? Here are 6 key points you should know.

    The market for E-bikes is riddled with different brands and types of electric bikes. As such it can be tricky to differentiate the best from the rest, but we got you. This article reveals the 6 key points every potential electric e-bike owner should know.Let’s dive in.


    • 1. 6 Key Points To Know About E-Bikes
      • 1.1 There are Different Types of E-Bikes
      • 1.2 The Battery Capacity is Important
      • 1.3 E-Bikes Have Different Motors
      • 1.4 Is The E-Bike Comfortable
      • 1.5 E-Bikes Have Classes
      • 1.6 E-Bikes are Heavy
    • 2. Where To Get The Best E-Bike
    • 3. Final Words
    • 4. Maybe it will be helpful for you

    6 Key Points To Know About E-Bikes

    1. There are Different Types of E-Bikes

    The first key point to know is that there are different types of electric bikes and they each have different functions and features.

    Here are the four main categories of electric bikes:

    • Mountain e-bikes: ideal for off-road trails and rough paths. They are often heavy and have great suspensions. The Macfox X2 is a good choice for adventurers. It is equipped with a fully adjustable dual suspension and can handle any terrain with ease.
    • Road e-bikes: great for commuting in cities and urban areas. They are lightweight and easy to ride. The Macfox X1 is a great choice thanks to its sleek design and powerful motor.
    • Hybrid e-bikes: a combination of road e-bikes and mountain e-bikes. They can handle off-road trails, roads, and other terrains.
    • Foldable e-bikes:are lightweight and have to be assembled by the rider. They are a good choice for tourists and travelers that want to take their e-bikes along with them.

    You should consider the terrain you’ll be riding across before you buy an e-bike. Also, why are you getting the e-bike? For instance, if you need something to take you to work and back daily, you should go with the road e-bike.

    Dual motor electric bike

    2. The Battery Capacity is Important

    All e-bikes are powered by a battery that is attached to the bike. The bigger the battery, the more mileage, power, and speed the e-bike would have. The faster you go, the quicker the battery of your e-bike runs out.

    Most e-bikes are equipped with a 36-Volt battery that lasts about 55 miles before you need to recharge. However, Macfox e-bikes are equipped with a powerful 48V 10.5Ah battery.

    Macfox bikes are also designed with detachable and addable batteries. This means you can add another battery to increase the mileage, speed, and power of your e-bike. When using dual batteries, the e-bike can reach 76 miles with ease.

    3. E-Bikes Have Different Motors

    Did you know that e-bikes have different types of motors? Your e-bike can either be designed with a mid-drive motor or a hub-drive motor.

    The mid-drive motor is installed at the center of the e-bike, usually between the pedals while the hub motor is installed in one of the wheels, usually the back wheel. The Macfox e-bikes are designed with a gear hub motor.

    The motor of the e-bike is an important factor to consider because it determines the torque (or acceleration) of your e-bike, especially when riding uphill.

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    Most e-bikes have motors that generate 50 to 60 newton meters of torque, but the Macfox X1 and X2 have high-power brushless motors that generate 65 to 80 newton meters of torque. Talk about outclassing the competition.

    4. Is The E-Bike Comfortable?

    E-bikes can be very addictive when you start riding. To enjoy the amazing features of your electric bike, it has to be comfortable. The bike seat and design style determine how comfortable your e-bike would be.

    The Macfox e-bikes seats are so comfortable that they eliminate fatigue during long-distance riding.

    You should also consider the rider weight limit of the bike before purchasing it. Most e-bikes have an average rider weight limit of 250 lbs but the Macfox electric bike has a rider weight limit of up to 325 lbs.

    5. E-Bikes Have Classes

    Asides from the types of e-bikes, you also need to know the different e-bike classes. This is a key factor to know because state and local laws differ based on e-bike classification.

    Here are the 3 classes of e-bikes:

    • Class 1: These bikes have a top speed of 20 miles per hour and are often called “Pedelecs” because they have an electric motor that propels the e-bike as the rider peddles.
    • Class 2: These bikes also have a top speed of 20 miles per hour but they are designed with a throttle that propels the bike without peddling.
    • Class 3: These bikes go up to 28 miles per hour and may or may not have a throttle. Some state laws don’t allow class 3 e-bikes on bike paths.

    It’s important to consult your local and state laws on e-bikes before purchasing one. This way, you know which bikes to go for and which to stay away from.

    6. E-Bikes are Heavy

    Newbies are often shocked at the weight of an e-bike. The extra weight of the motor, battery, and other added features make e-bikes heavier than traditional bicycles.

    So, if you’ll be carrying your bike up and down a flight of stairs or you have to load it in your vehicle daily, you should get a bike that has a lightweight feature. People that want a lightweight e-bike often go for a road bike or foldable bike.

    Street legal electric bike

    Where To Get The Best E-Bike?

    There are various bike brands out there but if you want the best e-bike in terms of style, comfort, durability, and power, you should get the Macfox electric bike.

    The Macfox X1 and X2 have impressive features and specs that put them a level above other e-bikes in the market today. The bikes have a sturdy design coupled with a powerful motor, dual battery, twist throttle, and all-terrain tires that will make your friends envious. You also enjoy a 2-year warranty on your electric bike amidst other added features.

    Final Words

    In summary, e-bikes have changed the way many people travel all around the world. They offer riders a convenient and eco-friendly way to commute and go around their daily routine. They are also great for exercise and adventuring. So, it’s safe to say that e-bikes are here to stay.

    Before you purchase an e-bike, you should consider all the features of the bike and key factors discussed in this article to ensure you get the best.

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    What are the four main categories of electric bikes?

    The four main categories of electric bikes are mountain e-bikes, road e-bikes, hybrid e-bikes, and foldable e-bikes.

    How does the battery capacity affect the performance of an e-bike?

    The battery capacity of an e-bike determines its mileage, power, and speed. A larger battery provides more range and power.

    What are the two types of motors commonly found in e-bikes?

    The two types of motors commonly found in e-bikes are mid-drive motors and hub-drive motors.

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