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    Macfox Stories | How Does Riding an E-bike Affect the Body in Terms of Endurance and Well Being

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 13

    One of the most asked questions about ebikes is how healthy they are compared to regular bicycles. Because of the motorized power, some people might see them as an invalid choice when it comes to health and exercise, but this is far from the truth. Ebikes are a great option for cardio, keeping your body in shape and improving your stamina and endurance.

    In order to help dispel any misconceptions about ebikes, here are all the ways in which riding one frequently will still help you attain your fitness goals.


    • 1.Pedal-Assist is Great for Light to Moderate Cardio
      • 1.1 Ebikes can Improve Stamina and Endurance
      • 1.2 You can (and will want to) Ride Ebikes for Longer Periods of Time
      • 1.3 Ebikes are Great for Low-Intensity Workouts
      • 1.4 Ebikes are Great for High-Intensity Workouts, Too
    • 2.Conclusion
    • 3.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    Pedal-Assist is Great for Light to Moderate Cardio

    It is true that in order to meet the definition of exercise, one has to actually pedal their bike. Luckily, any electric bike worth its name will have a pedal-assist function that gives you the freedom to do so, including any model by Macfox.

    While people who have never used an ebike may have some preconceived notions about them, you don’t have to use them in a purely electric way. This makes ebikes a great choice for people who want to experience some light exercise but still get to their destination faster and with less exertion.

    While pedaling a regular bike is better for your heart rate, there’s no denying that even using the pedal-assist function in a light way is still great for weight loss and cardio. You could still lose a couple of hundred calories after an hour of ebike use. If you use an ebike to go to the gym, you’re already exercising before you get there, even if it doesn’t feel like exercise!

    Ebikes can Improve Stamina and Endurance

    The human body has a limit on the amount of oxygen it can consume during a workout, but certain exercises can increase that limit with enough time and persistence. Ebike pedaling is one of those exercises that can help gradually increase your stamina.

    No matter what kind of sports or activities you take part in, everyone benefits from improved stamina in one way or another. You can easily use an ebike to supplement your main training so that you’re constantly getting better, bit by bit.

    Electric adults bike

    You can (and will want to) Ride Ebikes for Longer Periods of Time

    Perhaps the most understated health benefit of choosing ebikes over regular bikes is that you can actually ride them for longer periods of time. We’re not talking about the battery life, but the fact that you will not get tired as fast when using an ebike over a regular bike because of the motor and pedal-assistance.

    This means that potentially, over time, the benefits of an ebike will outweigh the health benefits of non-electric bikes in the long term.

    Another reason you’re more likely to ride your ebike longer is simply because you’ll want to use it! Ebikes are so much more fun and addictive, so you’ll always be aching to use it. You are more likely to use it on a daily basis, while many people with regular bikes only use them a couple times per week—if that!

    This actually means that you will be more likely to hop on an ebike than a regular bike because you’re always looking forward to it. Again, because it’s so fun it may not even feel like you’re exercising even when you are.

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    Ebikes are Great for Low-Intensity Workouts

    If you need a tool to help you get out and get some light exercise, look no further than an electric bike. This is especially true if the weather is wet or snowy and you still want to cover some ground without getting yourself too dirty or wet. Because electric fat bikes are waterproof and all-terrain capable, you can use them for exercise in situations where you wouldn't normally be able to walk or ride a non-electric bike.

    As long as you have an ebike with pedal-assist, you can have most of the speed and exertion handled by the motor and twist throttle while you lightly pedal away.

    This is a very useful feature for anyone who is a senior citizen or is afraid of putting too much pressure on their joints. Ebikes help make exercise more accessible to people with disabilities or the aches and pains everyone experiences when growing older. There’s never an age too late to start working out, especially if you have a Macfox ebike.

    Ebikes are Great for High-Intensity Workouts, Too

    While some people think ebikes are only good for low-impact exercises, this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are some clever ways you can get a real workout that will leave you sweating and panting afterwards.

    Lectric e bikes

    Remember, ebikes are heavier than normal bikes by dozens of pounds. This means that when pedaling them, you’re moving around a lot more weight than average. You should also remember that ebikes typically have good incline slope climbing rates, meaning that they are often designed to handle longer uphill rides.

    If you decide to use pedal-assist to the max while riding uphill, you can actually get in a more intense exercise in than what’s possible with a normal bike. This power allows you to take advantage of an ebike’s ability to be used as an all-terrain or off-road bike. You can exercise not only on bike trails or sidewalks but beaches, mountains, forests and other places you wouldn’t normally consider exercise hotspots.

    Because so many ebikes are all-terrain, including Macfox, you can get clever and find new locations to not only exercise but also travel and have fun.


    If you still want the health benefits of bicycle riding but the power and technology to go long distances at a faster rate, then an ebike is an ideal option. You can burn as many calories as you want and commute to school or work and back in no time.

    Traditional bicycles simply can’t offer the flexibility and versatility that ebikes provide. It’s as simple as that!

    Maybe it will be helpful for you:


    Are ebikes only suitable for light exercise?

    No, even using the pedal-assist function on an ebike for light exercise can contribute to weight loss and cardio.

    Can ebike pedaling improve stamina and endurance?

    Yes, regular pedaling on an ebike can help gradually increase stamina and endurance over time.

    Do people tend to ride ebikes for longer periods of time compared to regular bikes?

    Yes, the motor and pedal-assistance of ebikes can help riders go for longer rides, making them more likely to use their ebikes on a daily basis.

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