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    If you've never used or owned an electric bike before, you probably have a lot of questions. Fortunately, we're here to answer all of these questions. Owning a Macfox electric mountain bike and using it for a few days is certainly a good exercise, but if you're still in doubt about the nature of e-bikes then you're in the right place.


    • 1.What is an Electric Bike?
      • 1.1 What are the differences between an Electric Bike and a Non-electric Bike
      • 1.2 How fast do Ebikes go
      • 1.3 How long do Ebikes last
      • 1.4 How Heavy are Ebikes
      • 1.5 Can an Ebike be used with an Empty Battery
      • 1.6 What are the Different Classes of Ebikes
    • 2.Conclusion
    • 3.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    What is an Electric Bike?

    As the name implies, an electric bike or an ebike is a bicycle that has been outfitted and designed to run off of electricity. While they still have foot pedals, they tend to be activated by the twist throttle located on the right-hand side handlebar. This allows them to be propelled electrically rather than mechanically.

    Electric bikes can either be built that way from the ground up or can be made via a conversion kit. Conversion kits are usually cheaper and can turn your regular bike into an upgraded ebike, though you will have to perform the installation yourself.

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    What are the differences between an Electric Bike and a Non-electric Bike?

    What truly distinguishes an ebike from a standard bike are the components involved. While there are many different parts, the most important parts of an ebike are the battery and the motor. They are what gives the ebike the electrical energy and power to operate the way they do.

    Ebikes are also prone to come with many different kinds of accessories that you normally won’t see on a regular bike. One accessory you’ll find with Macfox ebikes is the LED display screen that essentially acts as your speedometer and battery life gauge.

    Another ebike function also offered by Macfox is the gear mode shifter that allows you to choose the max speed of the bike. This feature really comes in handy for people who are beginners and are still getting acclimated to the speed and power of ebikes.

    And of course because ebikes have a battery, they will need to be charged on a daily basis unlike their non-electric counterparts.

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    How fast do Ebikes go?

    Different ebikes can attain different speeds. This all depends on the motor, build and brand. When it comes to Macfox, our electric bikes can go either 15 mph or 15.5 mph depending on which version you opt for.

    But when it comes to the whole range of available electric bikes, there are some models that can go as fast as 40 mph. These, of course, are more professional models that should only be used by the most daring of bike riders.

    How long do Ebikes last?

    Like with ebike speeds, ebike longevity is another relative concept that varies from model to model, brand to brand.

    Usually measured in miles, the length of an ebike mainly depends on the battery being used. Macfox ebikes have a max range of 25 miles or 30 miles per battery, though you can extend this by getting a second battery to double your length.

    How Heavy are Ebikes?

    There’s no denying that ebikes are considerably heavier than regular bikes. For many people, this is their biggest downside as moving or carrying an ebike around can sometimes be a hassle.

    The heaviest ebikes you can find on the market today can be as large as 75 pounds. It’s important to keep in mind that an ebike is more likely to be heavier if it uses fat tires or is classified as a mountain bike or hunting ebike.

    You can expect the general weight range of ebikes to be from 40 to 80 pounds.

    When it comes to the weight limit, most ebikes will support at least 200 or 220 pounds. Macfox ebikes have a max load capacity of 325 pounds, making them capable of supporting considerably more weight than the average electric bicycle.

    Electric mountain bikes

    Can an Ebike be used with an Empty Battery?

    Yes, most ebikes including Macfox can still be operated even after the battery has been drained during the middle of a ride. While some models are designed to have the wheels be locked and inoperable when the battery goes out, this is more of an exception than a rule.

    Despite this, it is not recommended to ride ebikes without any battery life as it is a very cumbersome and inconvenient process. Because ebikes are much heavier than regular bikes, pedaling manually with no assistance from the motor or battery will be very difficult. You’ll have to expend three or four times as much physical energy to get it working as fast as you would with a regular bike.

    What are the Different Classes of Ebikes?

    Ebikes are given one of three different class designations depending on their speed and power. These classes are used to better organize ebikes so it is easier to see how compatible they are with local laws about their operation.

    Class 1 ebikes are defined as having a max speed of 20 mph with pedal assist.

    Class 2 ebikes are defined as having a max speed of 20 mph with twist throttle.

    Class 3 ebikes are defined as going up to 28 mph.

    These classes are useful because some local areas prohibit certain ebikes in certain areas based off their speed. For example, a town may require by law for anyone riding a class 3 ebike to use helmets and other forms of protection because they are too fast.


    Now that you know about the various classes of bikes, it’s time to start considering buying your own. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the bikes for sale on the MacFox ebike website and choose the one that suits your needs best.

    Regardless of the class you want, you can find an ebike there that will be a great choice. Then, you can enjoy the world of bike riding and cruise around your city in style. You can even use your ebike to commute to and from work. It’s a great source of transportation that doesn’t harm the environment like a gas powered vehicle does!

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    What is an electric bike?

    An electric bike, or ebike, is a bicycle that runs on electricity and is activated by a twist throttle or pedal-assist function, providing electric propulsion instead of relying solely on pedaling.

    How fast do ebikes go?

    The speed of ebikes varies depending on the motor, build, and brand. Macfox electric bikes can go up to either 15 mph or 15.5 mph, while some professional models can reach speeds as high as 40 mph.

    Can an ebike be used with an empty battery?

    Yes, most ebikes, including Macfox, can still be operated even with an empty battery. However, it is not recommended as it becomes physically demanding to pedal without assistance from the motor, and the bike's weight makes it more difficult to maneuver.

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