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    Explore the reasons behind some cyclists' dislike for e-bikes and the broader benefits e-bikes bring, promoting a more inclusive and diverse cycling community.

    Why Do Some Cyclists Dislike E-Bikes?

    • By Macfox Bike
    • Jun 05

    E-bikes have made an indelible mark on cycling culture, offering new ways to commute, explore and exercise.

    Even as electric bikes gain in popularity, the cycling community remains divided about them. While many cyclists welcome their benefits, some remain unconvinced or even hostile towards these motor-assisted bicycles.

    In this blog, we'll investigate the factors driving this division and consider the perspectives of those who view e-bikes less favourably.

    A Welcome Boost for Many

    Fat Tire Electric Bike on Trail | Macfox Electric Bike

    Starting on an optimistic note, it's essential to recognize all the cyclists who find e-bikes an invaluable way to explore long rides or difficult terrain. They appreciate their many benefits for cycling enthusiasts who need an additional boost on longer or more difficult treks.

    E-bikes, far from being a threat to traditional cycling, can actually enhance the experience for all. They provide a boost when energy levels dip, making cycling more accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience. E-bikes can especially be helpful to older riders or those with physical limitations in keeping up with more experienced cyclists.

    My experience has provided many enlightening conversations with fellow cyclists regarding my e-bike, including enthusiastic conversations about its technology and shared joy of cycling that often outweighed any negative sentiments.

    On long rides when fatigue sets in, an e-bike's assist can feel like an oasis of respite - a gentle reminder that cycling should be about enjoying itself instead of endurance alone.

    The Imaginary Race

    However, not all interactions have been positive. A small but vocal minority of cyclists appear to see electric bikes as an affront to cycling's purity.

    These individuals often behave as though they're competing against one another in an invisible race, where every pedal stroke counts toward their score, and e-bikes are seen as unfair advantages.

    This can be particularly noticeable among cyclists who take great pride in competing competitively; these individuals might see electric bikes as cheating devices that minimize the effort and skill required to excel at cycling.

    Irony abounds when one considers my sturdy utility-focused e-bike that often carries my two children versus ultralight carbon frames used by them; I find the contrast amusing as my family-laden e-bike threatens their race-like mentality - both amusement and frustration at once!

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    Jealousy and Misconceptions

    One source of animosity could lie in jealousy. Traditional cyclists might resent how easily e-bike riders handle hills and long distances without strain.

    E-bikes may cause distress to those who enjoy the physical challenge and endurance that conventional cycling demands, as e-bike riders tend to forgo traditional cycling rituals like wearing lycra and shaving their legs - something which might irk those who adhere to such standards.

    There's also the cultural aspect to keep in mind; cycling has a rich tradition, and for some, e-bikes represent a departure from this tradition.

    E-bike enthusiasts may fear that electric bicycles (e-bikes) could detract from conventional cycling and lead to less participation. Resistance to change is often seen when new technologies threaten established practices.

    The Benefits of Inclusivity

    Though some might question its impact, the rise of e-bikes has generally been welcomed in the cycling community. E-bikes make cycling more inclusive by making cycling accessible for people of various ages, fitness levels, and physical abilities to participate.

    By being inclusive, cycling cultures become more vibrant, which benefits all involved.

    Fat tire electric bikes, in particular, have gained popularity for their stability and ability to handle various terrains, making them a great option for riders seeking comfort and versatility.

    E-bikes could also help reduce traffic congestion and pollution, with more people opting for them instead of cars as a daily mode of transport.

    Electrification could greatly enhance urban living conditions and make cities more bike-friendly and sustainable. Many cyclists view promoting cycling overall over purist objections to e-bikes as more important.

    E Bike in Urban Setting | Macfox Electric Bike

    Bridging the Divide

    In order to bridge the divide between e-bike enthusiasts and traditional cyclists, it's crucial to foster an environment of open dialogue and education. This approach can help us understand and respect differing viewpoints, leading to a more united and inclusive cycling community.

    Dispelling myths and misconceptions surrounding electric bikes is important in order to promote greater understanding. Hosting mixed group rides or community workshops that bring both groups together can foster mutual respect between riders.

    Encouraging a culture of acceptance and flexibility within the cycling community is crucial. After all, our ultimate aim should be to promote cycling in all its forms - be it traditional bikes, electric bicycles, or any other variants.

    By emphasizing our shared love for cycling, we can create an environment that is more harmonious and supportive for all involved. Whether we choose to ride traditional bikes, e-bikes, or any other variants, our passion for cycling unites us.


    E-bikes in the cycling community represent a microcosm of a larger dialogue about tradition vs innovation. Although some cyclists may hold to purist viewpoints regarding these bikes, everyone must recognize all the benefits brought about by electric bicycles.

    Electric bicycles bring a host of benefits, making cycling more accessible, enjoyable, and practical for a diverse range of individuals. Recognizing these advantages can help foster a more inclusive and understanding cycling community.

    By embracing the diversity of cycling preferences and welcoming emerging technologies like e-bikes, we can enhance the cycling experience for all. No matter whether you prefer pedalling conventional or electric assist bikes, remember we all belong to one community!

    Let's pedal forward together!

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