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    Choosing between 48v and 52v e-bike batteries depends on your bike's compatibility and performance needs. 48v batteries are common, cost-effective, and compatible with many controllers, making them ideal for entry-level bikes.

    E-Bike Battery Showdown: 48v vs 52v - Which One is Right for You?

    • By Macfox Bike
    • May 09

    Bike owners are a lot confused nowadays regarding the battery ratings of the bikes that they purchase.

    Two of the most common battery options are the 48v and the 52v.

    Many ebike owners are left with the question that installing a 52v battery will perform better, so why should they opt for a 48v one?

    To be precise, the story is not that simple.

    There are certain technicalities involved that make both the 48v and the 52v batteries a better choice in specific scenarios.

    Therefore, in this article, we will discuss those technicalities with you and clear your mind.  

    Merits of 48V Batteries for Ebikes

    E Bike Batteries Comparison | Macfox Electric Bike

    The 48v is an ideal choice for entry level ebikes. This is because the 52v might be superior just on paper.

    That being said, it certainly is certainly a little less weight.

    But generally, they have the same area when it comes to taking space in the battery compartment.

    A significant advantage of 48v batteries is that they are mostly factory-fitted, and you don't have to change the battery controller.

    Another slight advantage of this kind of battery is that they are pretty cheap sometimes.

    Also, some motors and controllers don't support a 52v battery, as mentioned before.

    Therefore, if that is you, you can undoubtedly choose to stick with the 48v battery.

    Now, let's discuss some usage scenarios according to which it is ideal for different types of users to choose either battery option.

    Merits of 52V Batteries for Ebikes

    The 52v batteries are more advanced in the sense that they provide users with significantly better performance.

    This is undoubtedly the case on paper and might be subject to change in real life.

    But reasonably, it can prove to provide better results when it comes to the performance-related attributes of your e-bike battery.

    Therefore, for people looking for some increased performance in their e-bikes, it is suggested to use a 52V battery.

    Additionally, the 52V batteries are more robust.

    Higher volts generally mean that there will be better wattage as well. This can be extremely beneficial in climbing inclined surfaces like hills or places with increased air resistance.

    Lastly, a higher voltage battery can generally mean that you can travel for more miles on a single charge.

    This can be further improved if you drive at an economical speed.

    So, if you want more miles out of your e-bike then it would be a better choice to choose a 52v 20ah electric bike battery.

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    Performance Impact of 48V vs 52V Batteries on e-bikes

    These are as follows:


    Some controlling devices and motors come with a rating of 48v.

    Therefore, people do get anxious when thinking about installing a battery with higher volts, particularly 52v.

    Generally, this is something to think about and not a topic that can be ignored.

    This is because the motor only supports a 48v battery.

    Additionally, if you are buying the battery from a company that sells a 52v battery with a 48v motor, chances are that they sell the one that actually supports a 52v battery.


    A 52v battery should be the battery of choice if you have extra demands from your e-bike.

    This is the extra mile that, is an area of concern for many consumers.

    Additionally, many people like to feel extra power in the throttle response.

    This can be surely improved by utilizing a 52v battery that provides extra RPMs for your e-bike.

    Another important technical aspect is the power-to-weight ratio.

    This generally means that a good battery can provide more power for the given weight.

    This means that it can provide a better economy for your bike if you stay within economical speeds.

    Comparison of 48V and 52V Electric Bike Batteries

    From what we have discussed, this generally means that you should opt for 48v batteries because of the controller issues and support.

    That doesn't necessarily mean that we are discouraging people from throwing away their 52v 20Ah batteries or that they are obsolete.

    It is a tricky question to answer when you dive deep into how these batteries are being constructed.

    This is because the creators have a lot of bikes being designed with batteries like 60v, 36v, or even 72v.

    Generally, the 48v and 52v battery controllers have advanced components that can bear up to 60v volts.

    So, now it is evident that changing the battery is only something that you must be doing when you already have a worn-out battery.

    This is for people who have a 48V battery already installed and working well. We suggest that you do not change the battery.

    It is also worth noting that the engineers utilize different aspects when considering the performance of a battery or a battery controller.

    To give you an idea, general consumers think that a higher-volt battery might be a better choice for solving performance-related issues. This is not the case.

    The engineers use the windings on a battery controller to determine the performance.

    The fewer the windings, the better the performance.

    Also, these windings can be adjusted accordingly.

    To make a 36V battery work more efficiently, it is suggested that you adjust its windings.

    Using a Secondary Battery

    Those bikes that have an option of a secondary battery can be optimized further to provide a monstrous level of traveling miles.

    If the battery is required by people who want an additional battery on their 48v bike, we always say that going with a 48v battery will work best for you in case if your controller has a 48v output.

    This fairly performs better as the 52v and 48v have a fairly lesser amount of voltage difference/overlap among them.

    E Bike Battery Voltage Comparison | Macfox Electric Bike


    Lastly, it is now quite clear what type of battery will prove to be a better choice for you.

    This is said for a scenario where your current battery is at the state where a replacement is required.

    We recommend choosing a 48V battery as it is mostly workable and friendly with the original battery controllers.

    If you are convinced after reading this article that a battery replacement is necessary, we recommend trying out a renowned and trusted brand like Macfox Bikes.

    Macfoxbike offers a wide selection of high-quality electric bike batteries, including 48V options.

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