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    With so many options, how do you know where to buy electric bikes from?

    Where To Buy Electric Bikes: A Comprehensive Guide

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Apr 27

    The increased demand for electric bikes in many parts of the world today has caused a corresponding increase in the number of electric bike manufacturers, retailers, and dealer shops. With so many options, how do you know where to buy electric bikes from?

    The goal of this article is to reveal where to buy the best electric bikes and other important tips to know before buying your next e-bike. Here we go!

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    • 1.What Makes Electric Bikes Different From Regular Bicycles?
    • 2.How Do You Know Where To Buy an Electric Bike? Buyer’s Guide
      • 2.1 Are You Buying From a Reputable Company?
      • 2.2 What Does Your State Law Say About E-bikes?
      • 2.3 Buy From Stores and Brands You Can Afford
      • 2.4 Conduct Research on Your Options
    • 3.Where Can I Get The Best Electric Bikes?
    • 4.Final Words
    • 5.We recommend for you

    What Makes Electric Bikes Different From Regular Bicycles?

    Electric bikes and conventional bicycles are very similar in terms of design and operation. What sets them apart is electric bikes are fitted with a custom e-bike battery and an electric motor designed to give the rider increased power and speed when riding.

    With your regular bicycle, your speed levels and how far you can go depend on your pedaling power and how long you can keep it going. This makes riding a regular bike a physical activity.

    Electric bikes on the other hand don’t require as much pedaling. The bikes are often equipped with a cadence sensor that monitors the rotations of the pedals and sends signals to the onboard motor to give you more power and propel you faster. This feature is called pedal assist and it makes riding an electric bike easier than a regular bike.

    Asides from the pedal assist feature, some electric bikes are also equipped with a throttle that you can activate to give you increased speed without pedaling at all.

    New Electric Bicycles

    When on full throttle, you can reach speeds of around 28 miles per hour on the Macfox beginner electric bicycle. To reach such speed levels on a regular bike, you’ll need weeks of hard work and training, so asides from being easier to ride, e-bikes are also faster than regular bikes.

    So, now that we got part settled, what should you look for when buying e-bikes?

    How Do You Know Where To Buy an Electric Bike? Buyer’s Guide

    Here is how to know the best places to buy an e-bike:

    1. Are You Buying From a Reputable Company?

    When looking for e-bike retailers, you should only buy from a well-known company. Popular e-bike companies like Macfox have an e-commerce website and necessary certifications to prove they are a trustworthy brand and don’t sell inferior products.

    Also, a reputable brand will give you a general warranty of at least 2 years on your brand-new electric bike. The warranty assures you that all the components of your new bike are as advertised and not defective. This way, if you encounter any fault with the e-bike’s components, the manufacturing company will foot the repair or replacement bills.

    Macfox gives all customers a 2-year general warranty on different components of their electric bikes.

    2. What Does Your State Law Say About E-bikes?

    You should consult your state’s e-bike laws before buying an electric bike because the laws in your state determine the type of bike you can get. In some states like Florida and Delaware, you can’t use a bike that goes faster than 28 miles per hour so, you are limited to Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes that have a top speed of 28 mph.

    If you live in Florida, you already know from the e-bike laws that you can only buy from a manufacturing company that produces class 1 and class 2 e-bikes.

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    3. Buy From Stores and Brands You Can Afford

    When looking for where to buy your electric bike, you should only visit stores that are within your budget. Generally, you can get a good electric bike between $1000 and $4000, but some brands have a price tag over $5000. So only approach stores that sell what you can afford.

    4. Conduct Research on Your Options

    You can also spot the best e-bike brands and retail shops from what people are saying online. You should browse for reviews and comments from previous customers about the brand to know about their services and products.

    You should also research the type of bike you want to buy to compare bikes from different brands and see which comes out on top in terms of battery capacity, motor wattage, and lifespan. If you wish, you can even rent the type of bike you want to buy from a rental shop and test it out to see if the bike fulfills your purpose or not. At the end of the day, a detailed research will help you figure out what bike to buy and where to buy it.

    Big Tire E Bike

    Where Can I Get The Best Electric Bikes?

    You can get the best electric bikes from Macfox. Our electric bikes are beginner-friendly and equipped with some of the most advanced specs and features to make riding easier and ultra-comfortable for you.

    The Macfox X1 off-road electric bike is designed for newbies just figuring out how to navigate the cycling world. The bike has an onboard 500 watts electric motor and a 48V large capacity electric bicycle battery guaranteed to generate a top speed of around 15 mph and give you up to 75 miles in range.

    For more experienced cyclists and riders that navigate harsh terrain and off-road paths, you should get the Macfox X2 fat tire electric bike. This bike is equipped with an onboard 750 watts electric motor and front and rear suspension systems so you can conquer any terrain with relative ease and comfort.

    You get a 2-year general warranty on the components of your Macfox e-bike and we offer unbeatable prices.

    Final Words

    In summary, there are several online and retail stores where you can buy electric bikes. You should ensure to buy from a reputable brand or store that offers a general warranty of at least 2 years on your bike before purchase. Also, make sure you get a bike that will fit your needs perfectly.

    If you want the very best electric bikes in terms of durability, safety, and overall performance, you should go for the Macfox electric bikes. These bikes are equipped with the latest specs and components to make riding easier for you.


    How do you determine where to buy an electric bike?

    Look for reputable companies, check local e-bike laws, consider your budget, and conduct thorough research on different brands.

    What sets Macfox electric bikes apart?

    Macfox bikes are beginner-friendly, equipped with advanced features, have various models to choose from, and come with a 2-year warranty.

    What should you consider when purchasing an electric bike?

    Consider factors like speed, battery capacity, motor power, and lifespan, ensuring it meets your specific needs and preferences.

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