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    Introducing The Macfox Longest Range E-Bike

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • May 18

    The e-bike range is one of the most important factors to consider before buying an electric bike because it determines how far your e-bike can go and for how long you can enjoy the features of the bike.

    Macfox, a dominant e-bike brand in the electric bike industry offers a wide range of long range electric bicycles on sale for you to choose from and in this article, we’ll introduce you to the Macfox longest range electric bike. We’ll also show you pro tips to extend the range of your off-road electric bike. So much to discover, let’s dive in.

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    • 1.What is Electric Bike Range?
    • 2.What is The Longest Range Electric Bike?
    • 3.What is a Good Range For an Electric Bike?
    • 4.How To Extend Your Electric Bike Range?
      • 4.1 Maintain A Low To Medium Speed
      • 4.2 Don’t Use All The Features at Once
      • 4.3 Use Brushless E-Bike Motors
      • 4.4 Ride When Your Battery Is Full
      • 4.5 Maintain A High Tire Pressure
    • 5.Final Words
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    What is Electric Bike Range?

    The electric bike range is a measure in miles of how far your electric bike can go on a single battery charge. In other words, the e-bike range is how long you can ride your electric bike from fully charged to complete depletion.

    The e-bike range is also called mileage and it is determined by the battery capacity among other factors. The larger the battery, the more electricity it can supply to power the e-bike, so large e-bike batteries usually give more mileage than small batteries.

    The electric motor and current speed also affect the e-bike mileage. The motor works to propel the bike forward by converting electrical power from the battery to mechanical energy. The faster you go, the more electrical power the motor demands from the battery to push you faster. If you maintain top speeds, the battery will get drained quickly, leaving you with reduced range.

    Your riding mode, the weight on the electric bike, and the type of terrain also affect the range of your electric bike. You should also know that the mileage of your e-bike will influence the ebike price since an electric bike with a higher range will go farther than an e-bike with a low range.

    E Bike Vs E Scooter

    What is The Longest Range Electric Bike?

    The Macfox X2 electric bike is the longest range ebike on sale and it offers a mileage of up to 90 miles on a battery charge. A fusion of an energy-efficient electric motor and a large capacity 48V e-bike battery gives the Macfox X2 off-road electric bike its amazing range.

    The e-bike is equipped with an energy-efficient brushless electric bike motor. Since the motor doesn’t have brushes, it doesn’t lose any power to friction and as such conserves the battery power, giving you extended range. The e-bike motor can also generate around 80 newton meters of torque, so it’s easier to climb over obstacles and ascend steep inclines without consuming battery power.

    To top it all, the Macfox X2 electric bike is designed with a 48V dual-capacity e-bike battery which puts the competition to rest. The dual-capacity battery allows you to use two batteries at once while riding. You can also interchange both batteries to conserve battery life. When you consider all these amazing features, you’ll see why the Macfox electric bike is the longest range e-bike.  

    What is a Good Range For an Electric Bike?

    This depends on where you want to ride and how far you’ll need to ride. Generally, e-bikes have a range between 20 miles and 100 miles with the average e-bike range being around 40 miles. If you want an e-bike for running errands and commuting within the city, you are good with a range of 40- 50 miles. This range is good enough to get you to and from anywhere in the city.

    If you’ll be riding your ebike offroad, exploring the great outdoors with your e-bike, riding cross-country, or touring between towns and cities, you’ll need an e-bike range between 60 and 70 miles.

    As an expert tip, choose low-medium range e-bikes for short trips and daily commutes. Long range e-bikes are more suited to traveling and going on adventures.

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    How To Extend Your Electric Bike Range?

    Here are expert tips to extend your electric bike range:

    1. Maintain A Low To Medium Speed

    The faster you go, the more juice your motor demands from the battery and the lower the battery will go. Ease up on the throttle system and e-bike speed when riding, so you can save battery life and extend the e-bike range. You can learn more about e-bike speed in an earlier article.

    2. Don’t Use All The Features at Once

    Electric bikes are often equipped with tons of features and components to make riding easier for the rider.

    The Macfox electric bikes have a LED backlight and headlight, an LCD screen, and other cool features. All of these components are powered by the e-bike battery, so the more features you use at once, the more power your e-bike battery has to supply, and this can drain the battery quickly, leaving you with a limited e-bike range.

    Electric Bicycle Pedego

    3. Use Brushless E-Bike Motors

    You should use only brushless ebike motors because they are energy-efficient. Since the Macfox 750-watt electric motor is brushless, it retains energy better helping you to conserve the e-bike battery life and extend your mileage.

    4. Ride When Your Battery Is Full

    You should ensure your e-bike battery is fully charged before riding. This gives you optimal performance and extended range as opposed to when the battery is half charged. You should also go for e-bikes that have large-capacity batteries like the Macfox long-lasting e-bike battery.

    It helps to take your standard electric bike battery charger along with you when riding, especially if you leave home with a half-charge or low battery. You can learn key e-bike charging strategies and how to optimize your e-bike battery life in an earlier article.

    5.Maintain A High Tire Pressure

    An electric bike with a high tire pressure is easy to control and as such requires less energy than a low-pressure e-bike tire. You should maintain a tire pressure between 80 psi and 130 psi for on-road and leveled surfaces. When riding your e-bike off-road, you should maintain a tire pressure between 40 psi and 70 psi. These levels would make riding easier and energy-efficient.

    Final Words

    Here is the bottom line – The Macfox X2 is the longest range e-bike on sale out there. The bike features an innovative blend of energy-efficient components and a 48V dual-capacity e-bike battery, giving you more range than most e-bikes would give you.

    If you want to spot the e-bike with the best range, check the battery capacity, motor power, and top speeds. You can also check on ebikes reddit to know which bikes have the best range for you. For more professional e-bike tips, read other articles on this website.

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