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    Shock absorbers play extreme importance in vehicles — specifically Macfox E-Bikes.

    How Much Do You Know About The Shock Absorption Function of E-Bike

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Feb 15

    Shock absorbers play extreme importance in vehicles — specifically Macfox E-Bikes. If we dig deep into their workings, there is a lot to understand about them. And there are many potential threats too. Keep up with this article to get the hang of all the information you have been missing out on.


    • 1.What is Shock Absorber in E-Bike?
      • 1.1 Components of A Shock Absorber
      • 1.2 Types of shock absorbers
    • 2.What Does A Shock Absorber Do on An E-Bike?
      • 2.1 Ensures Comfortable Ride
      • 2.2 Reduces Energy loss
      • 2.3 More control
      • 2.4 Increased Braking
    • 3.How Can Faulty Shock Absorbers Affect Your Ride
    • 4.Types of Electric Bike Suspension Systems
      • 4.1 Full Suspension
      • 4.2 Front Suspension
      • 4.3 Seatpost Suspension
      • 4.4 No Suspension
    • 5.Conclusion
    • 6.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    What is Shock Absorber in E-Bike?

    The shock absorber is a system of piston rods and tubes that converts kinetic energy (movements) into thermal (heat) energy. The heat energy dissipates in the environment.

    They usually consist of a perforated piston and a hydraulic chamber.

    Technically, the fluid (oil or compressed gas) is displaced through the perforated chamber when a bike encounters a bump.The upthrust of the shock moves the piston downward and fluid upward through the hydraulic chamber.

    Since the hydraulic chamber is mostly sealed with only tiny holes, work is done to transfer this fluid. The energy required to do the work is obtained from the bumps.

    Hence the kinetic energy of shock is converted into the work done by piston. In this way, the shock of the bumps are damped.

    Components of A Shock Absorber

    • Working cylinder
    • The inner and outer tube
    • Bottom foot valve
    • Piston connected with a piston rod
    • Floating piston/Separating piston
    • Piston guide
    • Upper and lower attachments

    Types of shock absorbers 

    Varying types of shock absorbers provide variable functions and benefits. Each comes with its pros and cons. Following are list of shock absorbers that Electric Bikes have:

    1.Spring Suspension system

    Spring Suspension System consists of a large spring usually made of steel wire, damping, and leading components. During the onset of shock, the spring recoils and absorbs the shock, preventing it from transferring to the passenger seat. Spring suspension E-Bikes are affordable. Price ranges from $1000 to $2000.Despite their affordability, they provide solid damping.

    • They are affordable.
    • They offer substantial Damping.
    • It weighs heavily.

    2.Pneumatic Suspension System

    It works by the same principle discussed above but uses compressed gas.

    The compressed gas travels through the chambers and reduces the vehicle's vibration by converting the energy of the shock into heat energy. It provides the same damping effect as spring suspension bikes without compromising weight.

    • It is light weighted.
    • It provides efficient damping.
    • Gas leakages might damage the suspension fork, which regular calibrations can rectify.

    3.Resistance Rubber Suspension System

    It uses Resistance Rubber to dampen the oscillatory motion on the undulating surfaces. Compared to the spring suspension system, it is lighter in weight.

    • Lighter in weight
    • It offers solid damping.
    • Rubber is prone to aging and can wear out. Hence frequent repair is required.

    4.Hydraulic Shock Absorber:

    Hydraulic suspension E-bikes use oil instead of compressed gas. The working principle resembles that of pneumatic suspension bikes.

    Hydraulic Shock absorbers are the safest option.

    • It is the lightest among all.
    • Also, it provides efficient Damping compared to all.
    • Experts deemed it the safest and most reliable option.
    • It requires the least maintenance.
    • They are the most expensive of all.
    Evelo Bike

    What Does A Shock Absorber Do on An E-Bike?

    Shock absorber provides resistance against the daunting shocks of undulated surfaces. The sole purpose of shock absorbers is to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Following is a list of advantages that the presence of a shock absorber provides:

    1.Ensures Comfortable Ride

    The shock absorber contributes to ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. Shock Absorber substantially endures the external force, which may lead to a bumpy ride. Hence not letting the shocks affect the comfort of the passenger.

    2.Reduces Energy loss

    If not regulated through suspension, it can cause a great loss of charge, as the energy losses on the bumps. If suspensions aren’t installed, energy will dissipate from the charge of the bike. So energy loss is reduced via suspension installation.

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    3.More control

    The suspension system gives bikes an upper hand in controlling the bikes on rough surfaces. Treading with E-Bikes (over undulating surfaces) is difficult, but controlling becomes much easier with a suspension system as the bumps reduce negligibly.

    4.Increased Braking

    Shock absorbers usually come with an anti-lock braking system to ensure smooth brakes. These shock absorbers enhance the braking system of your E-bikes.

    How Can Faulty Shock Absorbers Affect Your Ride

    Although Shock Absorbers come with incredible benefits, there are some lingering threats too that you should beware of.

    • If your Shock Absorbing system is worn out or faulty, it can lead to many potential accidents.
    • A worn-out Suspension system can cause damage to other components, such as control arms, and the tire tread may wear out.
    • Tires are on the front line of damage as they are the first to experience the strain.This results in thinning the tires thin at some points, making it harder for them to grip the road effectively.
    • The increased bumping of the bike may cause your vehicle to “fly,” resulting in uncontrollable handle steering—

    Types of Electric Bike Suspension Systems

    1.Full Suspension

    Full suspension or Dual suspension systems offer two types of suspension systems, i.e., front and rear. They often use hydraulic suspension at one end and spring on the other. They are most efficient for mountainous terrain or rough hilly rides. Because it damps the hardest bumps effortlessly.

    2.Front Suspension

    They are also known as hardtail suspension bikes. As the name indicates, the front suspension has its suspension system on the bike's front end only, which can be either; hydraulic or spring suspension.

    Front suspension Electric bikes can be used for smooth tracks and occasionally for rougher terrain.

    3.Seatpost Suspension

    In addition to the front and rear suspension, riders can add seat post suspension to accentuate their comfortable riding experience. The seat post suspension has a piston and an extension tube. The seat post adjusts itself based on the applied strain.

    4.No Suspension

    While the suspension system bears extreme importance, many E-Bikes don't have them. If you are using bikes for casual rides with speeds less than 20mph. No suspension bikes are the best option for you.


    Electric Bikes are equipped with a suspension system innately. They are a system of pistons and tubes which function to endure the pressure of bumps to ensure a comfortable ride for the riders. But if not maintained properly, these shock absorbers can pose serious threats not only to vehicles but our precious lives too. For this reason take in account calibration and maintenance of shock absorbers.


    What are the benefits of having a shock absorber on an e-bike?

    Shock absorbers on e-bikes provide a comfortable ride, reduce energy loss, offer more control, and improve braking.

    How can faulty shock absorbers affect your ride?

    Faulty shock absorbers can lead to potential accidents, cause damage to other components, reduce tire grip, and make the bike harder to control.

    What are the types of electric bike suspension systems?

    The types of electric bike suspension systems include full suspension (front and rear), front suspension (hardtail), seatpost suspension, and no suspension.

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