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    Find The Best Budget Ebike For You At Macfox

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • May 23

    There is no denying that most brand-new electric bikes are costly. The fusion of an e-bike battery, electric motor, and other high-end e-bike parts is one of the reasons for the high e-bike cost. Macfox, one of the leading electric bike companies offers an extensive range of budget-friendly electric bikes for intending e-bike owners.

    In this article, we reveal some of the best budget electric bikes at Macfox and show you why you need an electric bike for your daily commute. You’ll also find out how to reduce the cost of your electric bike and other helpful tips to help you find the best budget ebike for you. Let’s dive in.

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    • 1.How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?
    • 2.Introducing The Macfox Best Budget Electric Bikes
    • 2.What Determines E-Bike Cost?
      • 2.1 The Electric Bike Components
      • 2.2 The E-bike Manufacturing Company
      • 2.3 The Class Of E-bike
      • 2.4 The Type of E-bike
    • 3.How To Save Cost On E-bikes?
      • 3.1 Go For Commuter E-Bikes
      • 3.2 Search For Discounts
      • 3.3 Buy Direct From The Manufacturer
      • 3.4 Go For Bikes That Have Accessories
      • 3.5 Research Your Options
    • 3.Why Should You Buy an Electric Bike?
    • 3.Final Words
    • 4.We recommend for you:

    How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

    Generally, a brand-new e-bike costs between a few hundred dollars and over $5000. The average price for a new electric bike is $2000 but high-end electric bikes reserved for professionals and sportsmen usually cost up to $8000. Basically, best-quality e-bikes with larger and more powerful components and overall improved performance have a higher e-bike cost.

    However, you don't have to buy a high-quality bike that's overpriced, as Macfox offers a huge range of affordable e-bikes. Although these ebike are affordable, they are still packed with some latest and technologically advanced features that make them the best choice for you. Don't believe us? Let's take a look at the best budget e-bikes from Macfox.

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    Introducing The Macfox Best Budget Electric Bikes

    In a world riddled with overly-priced electric bikes, Macfox unleashed the best-budget off-road electric bike for urban and city dwellers and the best-value full-suspension electric bike for outdoor explorers and adventure seekers.

    Both electric bikes have quality e-bike kits including fat ebike tires for support and balance, hydraulic dual-mechanical brakes, a dual-suspension system, a double e-bike battery for extended range, and a powerful motor for improved overall performance.

    With an average e-bike price of $1200, Macfox claims the top spot as the best-budget e-bike company.  Next, let’s check out what determines electric bike cost.

    What Determines E-Bike Cost?

    Electric bikes have varying price tags and different factors determine the overall cost of an electric bike:

    1. The Electric Bike Components

    The electric bike components are a huge determinant of how much the bike would cost. For instance, an electric bike equipped with a 750-watt e-bike motor will cost more than an e-bike that has a 500-watt e-bike motor because the 750-watt motor will offer improved speed, acceleration, power, and overall performance than the 500-watt e-bike.

    Similarly, an e-bike designed with a dual capacity 48V battery for ebike will cost more than an e-bike designed with a 36V e-bike battery because the 48V battery will provide the motor with a greater riding range and more power. Therefore, you will find that e-bike components are an important consideration when shopping for a new e-bike.

    2. The E-bike Manufacturing Company

    Another determining factor is the manufacturing company. Some e-bike brands produce bikes for professional use and not commercial use. As such, their bikes would have more powerful components and high-end features that will attract a higher e-bike cost.

    Companies like Macfox that produce bikes for commercial use have affordable e-bikes for you to choose from.

    3. The Class Of E-bike

    There are 3 general classifications of electric bikes. Class 1 e-bikes have a top speed of around 20 miles per hour and are designed with a pedal assist system to help you propel the bike forward. Class 2 e-bikes also have a top speed of 20 miles per hour but they have a throttle system that can propel the bike forward without pedaling.

    Class 3 e-bikes are a hybrid of classes 1 and 2. They have a pedal assist and throttle system and can exceed speeds of around 28 miles per hour. A class 3 e-bike will no doubt be more expensive than a class 2 e-bike and a class 2 e-bike will cost more than a class 1 e-bike.

    4.  The Type of E-bike

    Asides from the class of e-bike, the type you want can influence the e-bike cost. There are several types of e-bikes ranging from foldable and hauling e-bikes to off-road and mountain e-bikes. Mountain e-bikes for instance cost more than foldable e-bikes because they are bigger and more powerful than the latter.

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    How To Save Cost On E-bikes?

    Here are expert tips to help you save cost when buying an e-bike:

    1. Go For Commuter E-Bikes

    A commuter electric bike is more affordable than high-end e-bikes and they have impressive features that would make riding easier and more comfortable.

    2. Search For Discounts  

    Macfox offers slashed prices and discounts on its products to first-time customers and subscribers. You also enjoy free shipping valued at $150 on all e-bikes which can help you save on e-bike costs.

    3. Buy Direct From The Manufacturer

    Eliminate retailer fees and extra costs by purchasing your e-bike directly from the manufacturer. You are also rest assured of the bike’s quality when you buy from the manufacturer. Macfox gives a 2-year warranty on all products.

    4. Go For Bikes That Have Accessories

    You should pick e-bikes that have the latest e-bike parts and e-bike kits. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend extra on ebike accessories after purchasing the bike.

    5. Research Your Options

    Research your options before buying an e-bike. You can check online reviews to know the different costs for e-bikes and find the best budget ebike for you.

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    Why Should You Buy an Electric Bike?

    Electric bikes are worth it and here is why:

    1. E-bikes are eco-friendly and offer a greener way of commuting.
    2. E-bikes help you save commuting costs and gas bills.
    3. They can be used by anyone since they have a family-friendly design and are easy to operate.
    4. E-bikes are great for losing weight and exercising. While you work the e-bike pedals, you burn calories and build your leg muscles.
    5. Electric bikes are ideal for exploring new locations, adventuring, and sightseeing.

    Final Words

    In summary, electric bikes can be expensive especially if you are shopping on a tight budget. However, Macfox has the best budget electric bikes for you to choose from. Whether you want an e-bike for off-road adventures or urban commuting, you’ll find an affordable option at Macfox.

    Finally, you should consider the e-bike components, type, and class before purchasing any e-bike as these factors determine the eventual cost of the bike.

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    What are some of the elements that affect an electric bike's price?

    The parts used, the manufacturer, the e-bike class, and the e-bike type all have an impact on how much an electric bike costs.

    Why should you think about purchasing a cheap electric bike?

    Budget-friendly electric bikes are a practical option for commuting, help reduce petrol costs, feature designs that are suitable for families, and give chances for exercise and exploration.

    What are some recommendations for cost-cutting while buying an electric bike?

    Consider commuting e-bikes, looking for discounts, purchasing directly from the manufacturer, selecting bikes with accessories included, and doing extensive research before making a purchase choice if you want to save money on purchasing an electric bike.

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