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    Macfox Electric Bikes, featuring the X1 and X2 models, revolutionize urban and off-road travel with their dual-battery system. The X1 offers up to 76 miles range, ideal for city commuting, while the X2's robust design is perfect for off-road adventures with a 90-mile range. Enhanced performance and extended exploration redefine e-biking.

    What Does the Dual-Battery Version of Macfox Bring to Us?

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Oct 30

    The advent of electric bicycles has utterly transformed our modes of urban navigation and environmental discovery. Foremost among these innovative machines are the Macfox X1 and X2 variants, boasting a pioneering dual-battery configuration that augments range and liberates the cyclist. This disquisition will probe the salient attributes and benefits of Macfox's dual-battery technology.

    Macfox X1 Electric Commuter Bike

    The Macfox X1 electric commuter bike reimagines the daily commute, infusing it with efficiency and fun. Notable features of Macfox X1 include:

    Expansive Range: With an initial capacity of 38 miles per charge, the X1's range ascends to a prodigious 76 miles when equipped with its dual-battery system. This innovation obliterates the specter of range anxiety, inviting more extensive exploration without the fret over recharging.

    Velocity and Productivity: The X1's top speed of 25 mph is not solely about coverage; it's about swiftly and proficiently reaching your terminus. Whether meandering through congested urban landscapes or cruising bucolic byways, the X1 offers a spirited and invigorating travel experience.

    Rapid Recharge: Concerns about prolonged charging durations fade with the X1's expedient rechargeability of 5-6 hours, facilitating a nightly recharge for uninterrupted travel the following day.

    Macfox X2 Off-Road Electric Bike

    Tailored for those who love adventure and rough terrain, the Macfox X2 off road electric bike excels in challenging environments. Highlights of X2 include:

    Robust Battery: The X2 is furnished with a formidable 48V 20Ah battery, ensuring peak performance in the roughest terrains. This robust battery is built to endure the rigors of off-road escapades, empowering confident navigation across uneven trails and steep ascents.

    Superior Motor Performance: The 750W (peaking at 1000W) geared hub motor of the X2 exemplifies strength. It's adept at conquering rugged landscapes and attaining speeds up to 28 mph, ensuring hill climbs and rocky paths are traversed with ease.

    Remarkable Range: The X2's range stands at an impressive 45 miles per charge, which, with the dual-battery configuration, extends to an astounding 90 miles. This permits longer, more ambitious off-road expeditions without power concerns.

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    The Dual-Battery Boon

    The dual-battery system of the Macfox sets it apart in the e-bike realm. With the X1 and X2, envisage traversing up to 76 and 90 miles respectively without needing a recharge. It's not just about range extension; it's about broadening your exploratory horizons and savoring uninterrupted journeys.

    Narratives of Macfox Riders

    Sarah, a committed environmentalist and urban commuter, finds her ideal match in the Macfox X1. Her daily journey, traversing city traffic, becomes seamless with the dual-battery system. Yet, it's her weekend excursions into nature reserves that truly highlight the X1's capabilities, allowing her to uncover untouched trails and tranquil lakes.

    Similarly, John, an off-road aficionado, extols his Macfox X2's prowess during group rides on challenging terrains. The extended battery life facilitates the conquest of more trails, while the robust motor tackles steep inclines with ease.

    These anecdotes underscore that Macfox's dual-battery electric bikes are more than technical marvels; they are catalysts for enriching experiences and novel adventures.

    Ebike Wheel Hub | Macfox


    In our era, where efficiency, performance, and ecological mindfulness are crucial, Macfox stands out with its X1 and X2 e-bikes. These models cater to both urban commuters and off-road adventurers, enhanced by the dual-battery feature that promises extended range and limitless exploration. Macfox invites you to experience the exhilaration of e-biking in its most advanced and unrestricted form.


    Q1: Can I upgrade my existing Macfox X1 or X2 to the dual-battery configuration?

    Yes, Macfox offers the option to upgrade your X1 or X2 to the dual-battery configuration if you want to enjoy extended range. Contact your nearest Macfox dealer for more information on this upgrade.

    Q2: Is it easy to switch between the single-battery and dual-battery configurations?

    Yes, Macfox has designed the dual-battery setup to be user-friendly and easily interchangeable, allowing you to adapt your bike to your specific riding needs.

    Q3: What safety features are included in Macfox electric bikes?

    Macfox electric bikes come equipped with safety features such as LED lights, disc brakes, and durable frames to ensure a secure and enjoyable riding experience. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the safety features of your specific model.

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