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    Discover Vermont's top e-bike trails, from Burlington's waterfront to Stowe's mountains. This guide offers in-depth insights into scenic paths and local highlights for an unforgettable ride.

    Your Guide to the Best E-Bike Routes in Vermont

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Nov 01

    Vermont is a gem in the Northeast, known for its rolling hills, historic sites, and pastoral scenery that leave an indelible mark on visitors. Riding a Macfox off road electric bike through Vermont is like embarking on a fascinating journey through natural wonders. Below, we’ll explore some of Vermont’s typical e-bike trails for enthusiasts.

    The Allure of Two-Wheeled Exploration in Vermont

    1. Burlington Bike Path

    An In-depth Glimpse: The Burlington Bike Path, with its magnificent expanse stretching approximately 8 miles, is an ode to the splendors of Lake Champlain. Starting from the calming aura of Oakledge Park and culminating at the majestic Winooski River, this path is a testament to Vermont's unparalleled natural beauty.

    Detailed Insights:

    • Oakledge Park: A sanctuary of tranquility, Oakledge Park serves as the commencement point of this enchanting journey. Its treehouse, coupled with the serene waterfront, beckons riders with an inviting embrace.

    • Waterfront Park: As you progress, the bustling milieu of Burlington's Waterfront Park greets you. This locale, with its plethora of local events, forms the hub of activities, all against the backdrop of breathtaking lake views.

    • Colchester Causeway: A highlight not to be missed is the Colchester Causeway. This narrow path, almost ethereal in its beauty, presents panoramic vistas of Lake Champlain, leaving riders in awe of nature's marvels.

    2. Stowe Recreation Path

    An In-depth Glimpse: At 5.3 miles, the Stowe Recreation Path might seem brief, but what it offers in terms of views and experiences is immeasurable. Meandering through the picturesque town of Stowe, this path provides vistas of the majestic Green Mountains and unrivaled access to the town's attractions.

    Detailed Insights:

    • Vermont's Covered Bridges: One of the hallmarks of this route is the journey through Vermont's iconic covered bridges. Each bridge serves as a window into New England's rich heritage, enveloping riders in an ambiance of charm and nostalgia.

    • Gastronomic Delights: Stowe prides itself on its culinary prowess. Along the path, numerous eateries and breweries beckon, each offering a distinct flavor of Vermont's culinary landscape.

    • Gazing Upon Mount Mansfield: A journey through Stowe would be incomplete without soaking in views of Mount Mansfield, Vermont's towering peak that stands as a sentinel over the town.

    3. Island Line Rail Trail

    An In-depth Glimpse: The 14-mile Island Line Rail Trail is more than just a route; it's a journey back in time. Linking Burlington to the rustic South Hero, this route, with the Colchester Causeway as its crowning jewel, seamlessly merges history with nature's tapestry.

    Detailed Insights:

    • Echoes of the Past: The rail corridors, remnants of bygone days, narrate tales of Vermont's illustrious transportation legacy, adding layers of depth to the journey.

    • Interlude at Causeway Park: Strategically positioned mid-route, Causeway Park offers a much-needed respite. With the lake extending as far as the eye can see, it's a vantage point like no other.

    • Rural Charm of South Hero Island: The concluding segment of the trail brings riders to South Hero Island. Its pastoral allure, punctuated with traditional Vermont landscapes, provides a fitting end to the journey.


    To traverse Vermont on an e-bike is to experience New England in its purest form. Be it the gentle caress of the breeze along Lake Champlain or the historic reverie of its towns, Vermont's e-bike trails offer an experience that resonates deeply with the soul.


    Q1: Which season showcases Vermont in all its glory for e-bikers?

    Fall emerges as a clear favorite with its tapestry of colors, though late spring and early fall are equally captivating.

    Q2: Are these trails beginner-friendly?

    Absolutely! The diversity of these routes ensures that e-bikers, regardless of their proficiency, find a trail tailored to their comfort.

    Q3: Are e-bike rental services available proximate to these trails?

    Yes, several trails are in proximity to rental outlets, ensuring that visitors can easily access e-bikes and local expertise.

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