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    Learn about Minnesota's e-bike rebate policy, eligibility, and application process to get up to $1,500 off a new e-bike.

    Minnesota E-Bike Rebate Policy: Comprehensive Guide

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    • Jul 09

    Minnesota has unveiled a new e-bike rebate policy to offset some of the costs for residents purchasing new electric bicycles from eligible retailers beginning July 2024.

    This initiative promotes green transportation and environmental sustainability by offering substantial financial incentives.

    Background and Purpose

    Minnesota's government implemented this rebate policy to promote eco-friendly transportation options and lower carbon emissions.

    By encouraging the use of electric bicycles, the state hopes to reduce traffic congestion, increase air quality and promote healthier lifestyles among its residents.

    Detailed Rebate Policy

    Rebate Amount and Eligibility

    The rebate provides up to $1,500 for eligible e-bike purchases based on income levels; the rebate amount can cover 50-75% of purchase cost but cannot exceed the bike's price tag.

    Individuals and retailers interested in participating must submit an application to the Minnesota Department of Revenue; between 2024 and 2025, the total annual rebate limit will not exceed $2 million.

    Application Requirements


    To apply, individuals must be at least 15 years old, Minnesota residents, and have not been claimed as dependents in the 2023 tax year.

    Applications open online on July 2, 2024, via an electronic portal. They require personal details, a Social Security Number or ITIN, a 2023 Tax Filing Status, and Adjusted Gross Income (AGI).

    Due to high demand, applicants may enter a virtual waiting room and will have 15 minutes to complete their submission once an application becomes available.


    To become eligible sellers, retailers should register via an online portal that opens May 1. Additionally, they will receive updates and support via emails and webinars.

    Eligible E-Bikes and Accessories


    E-bikes must be new and comply with the legal definition of electric-assisted bicycles in Minnesota Statutes 169.011, Subd. 27. Features include:

    • Two or three wheels.
    • Equipped with a saddle and fully operational pedals.
    • Electric motor of not more than 750 watts.
    • Class 1, 2, or 3 e-bikes as defined in Minnesota Statutes 169.011, Subd. 15a-c.
    • Battery and electric drive system tested and approved by an independent safety laboratory.

    Eligible Accessories:

    Eligible accessories must be purchased concurrently with the e-bike. These include helmets, lights, locks, racks, baskets, bags or backpacks, fenders, and reflective clothing.

    Important Dates and Deadlines

    • May 1: Online portal opens for retailer applications.
    • July 2: Online portal opens for individual rebate applications.
    • July 10: Rebate certificates issued to approved applicants.
    • October 1: Additional rebates issued if funds remain.

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    Practical Steps for Individuals and Retailers


    Register to receive email updates about the e-bike rebate.

    Estimate potential rebate using provided tools.

    Find eligible retailers through updated lists.

    Gather necessary documents: birth date, SSN/ITIN, tax details, and AGI.


    Apply to become an approved retailer and register for email updates.

    Attend webinars to understand the rebate process.

    Use the rebate system to assign discount certificates and request reimbursements.

    Make sure all applicable sales taxes are applied to the total retail price.

    Case Study: Success and Challenges

    Success Stories

    This means That residents with an annual income of $24,000 could receive a 75% rebate for a $2,000 e-bike purchase, saving themselves an estimated $1,500 over its retail cost.

    One resident earning $125,000 annually could get a 50% rebate, saving $1,000 on their bike purchase.


    Tech issues with the online portal and verification delays were initial concerns; however, the Department of Revenue is working diligently to address these problems and streamline the application process.

    Policy Impact and Benefits

    Consumer Impact

    Financial savings make e-bikes more accessible, particularly to low-income individuals.

    Environmental Impact

    An increase in e-bike use will reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and promote sustainable urban mobility.

    Economic Impact

    Promote the local e-bike market and associated industries for maximum economic impact and growth.

    Detailed Steps for Application

    Pre-Application Steps

    Ensure eligibility: age, residency, and tax status.

    Collect necessary documents and information.

    Register for email updates for timely notifications.

    Application Submission

    Enter virtual waiting room if required.

    Complete and submit the application within 15 minutes.

    Await confirmation and further instructions via email.

    Post-Application Process

    If approved, use the rebate certificate within two months at an approved retailer.

    If additional information is required, respond within 21 days to avoid delays.

    Monitor for any additional rebate opportunities after October 1 if funds remain.


    The Minnesota E-Bike Rebate policy is essential for sustainable transportation and environmental conservation.

    The state encourages residents to adopt electric bikes for a greener future by providing attractive financial incentives.

    Stay informed and use this valuable program to support financial savings and environmental health.


    Who is eligible for the Minnesota e-bike rebate?

    Residents of Minnesota who are at least 15 years old and not claimed as dependents in 2023.

    How much rebate can I get for purchasing an e-bike?

    You can receive up to $1,500, covering 50-75% of the e-bike's purchase price based on your income.

    When can I apply for the e-bike rebate?

    Applications open on July 2, 2024, through the Minnesota Department of Revenue's online portal.

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