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    Are you torn between the Macfox X2 and the SUPER73-R for your next electric adventure bike? Our detailed comparison will help you decide which bike suits your off-road needs best.

    Macfox X2 vs. SUPER73-R: The Ultimate Electric Bike Showdown

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    • Mar 11

    When you're looking for the ideal electric adventure bike, the Macfox X2 and SUPER73-R are the top contenders. Both e-bikes promise a great off-road experience thanks to their powerful motors, great battery life, rugged design and rugged performance - but which one should you choose for your next journey? We're here to help you understand their specs, performance, and prices to determine who deserves the crown in this epic shifting battle for off-road supremacy! Get ready for no-nonsense gear-shifting action in this battle royale!

    Now, let's dive into a closer examination, highlighting each bike's design, performance, utility, value, rider experiences, and thrill factor. Eventually, we will conclude our comparison by providing our verdict to guide potential riders toward finding their ideal e-adventure companion.

    The Ultimate Electric Adventure Bike Showdown: Macfox X2 vs. SUPER73-R

    As soon as the pavement turns to the trail, finding an electric bike capable of turning an ordinary day outdoors into an exciting journey can become critical to an unforgettable outdoor adventure. We compare two titans of trail: Macfox X2 and SUPER73-R bikes are engineered for thrill-seekers and trailblazers alike; their specifications have been laid bare so we can examine what makes each unique and decide which might make an excellent partner in off-road travels.

    Design & Build Quality

    Macfox X2: At first glance, the Macfox X2 electric mountain bike stands out with its sturdy yet sleek aluminum frame, made for taking on any terrain without hesitation. Its adjustable dual suspension and all-terrain fat tires speak volumes about its ability to tackle rough trails comfortably while offering an enjoyable riding experience through bumpy trails and dips. Furthermore, its roomy and comfortable seat promises long hours of adventure without discomfort.

    SUPER73-R: The SUPER73-R stands out with its high-strength aluminum frame, offering style and substance. Its 20" x 4.5/5" tires can grip and rip across different terrain, yet don't specify which suspension system they feature, leaving those looking for additional cushioning off-road in suspense. An LCD screen adds a modern touch by keeping track of your speed, range, and battery life on the go.

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    Performance & Utility

    Macfox X2: Performance is where this bicycle shines. Equipped with an impressive 750W motor peaking at 1000W and a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery, its 45-mile range can be extended further with a dual battery setup, ensuring both power and endurance for longer treks. A 7-speed Shimano gear system and hydraulic brakes keep control firmly within the rider's grasp, making this beastly vehicle suitable for any terrain.

    SUPER73-R: The SUPER73-R doesn't disappoint in terms of performance, with its 750W motor reaching 28 MPH top speed and offering 40-75 miles in range per charge, depending on usage. Mechanical disc brakes might not provide as much stopping power as hydraulic ones but still prove capable enough for most adventures; unfortunately, there's no specific suspension info provided, as some riders might require this for all-around capability.

    Price & Value

    Macfox X2: Priced between $1,699 and $2,2997, the Macfox X2 represents exceptional value when considering its features. From its dual battery setup, superior suspension design, and hydraulic brakes - making this a wise investment for adventurers looking for both performance and comfort - this bike is ideal for serious adventurers seeking performance and comfort on their adventures.

    SUPER73-R: At $3,995, the SUPER73-R is at the high end of the price spectrum. Although its build and performance are solid, its value proposition comes into question compared to that of Macfox X2 offerings. While its higher price may justify brand and design aesthetics, it remains difficult to swallow remains difficult to swallow for pure utility and performance,

    Comparison Table:

    Feature Macfox X2 SUPER73-R
    Motor 750W with 1000W Peak 750W
    Top Speed 28 MPH 28 MPH
    Battery 48V 20Ah Samsung 48V 20Ah
    Range (Single Battery) 45 miles 40-75 miles
    Dual Battery Setup Range 90 miles N/A
    Frame Material Durable Aluminum High-Strength Aluminum
    Brakes Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc Mechanical Disc
    Suspension Adjustable Dual Suspension Not Specified
    Tires All-Terrain Fat Tires 20" x 4.5/5"
    Gear System 7-Speed Shimano Not Specified
    Price $1,699.00 – $2,297.00 $3,995


    Selecting between the Macfox X2 and SUPER73-R depends entirely on what matters to you most in an electric adventure bike. Suppose power, range, comfort, and affordability are top of your mind. In that case, choosing the Macfox X2 should be easy - its superior suspension, braking system, and dual battery option make it an unrivaled off-road companion without breaking the bank.

    On the flip side, if the aesthetics, brand, and simple but sturdy build appeal to you and you are willing to invest more, then the SUPER73-R won't disappoint you. Its stylish yet reliable ride ensures adventure while looking good, too.

    Whatever bike you select, both can open up new horizons and adventures. Get equipped and choose your ride; nature awaits!


    Can the Macfox X2's battery range be doubled?

    Yes, the Macfox X2 offers a dual battery setup. It doubles its single battery range from 45 to 90 miles for extended adventures without frequent recharges.

    Does the SUPER73-R warrant its higher price point?

    For those who value its design, brand reputation, and build quality above performance and features per dollar spent, the Macfox X2 may provide a more cost-effective option.

    Do the bikes comply with US law for maximum speeds?

    The Macfox X2 and SUPER73-R comply with US regulations by capping their top speeds at 28 MPH to meet electric bicycle laws.

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