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    South Dakota boasts stunning eBike trails, catering to all skill levels. Highlights include Mickelson Trail's historic railroad paths, Big Sioux's river views, and Bear Butte's spiritual significance. Dive deep into nature and history as you pedal!

    Best eBike Trails in South Dakota

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Oct 26

    With its vast landscape and breathtaking scenery, South Dakota offers plenty of trails to suit every adventurer. Especially for off road electric bike enthusiasts who choose Macfox, the state has some of the most beautiful and exciting trails. Here’s your ultimate guide to the best electric bike routes in South Dakota.

    Mickelson Trail

    Stretching over 109 miles from Deadwood to Edgemont, the Mickelson Trail was once a historic railroad corridor. This trail meanders through the beautiful Black Hills, with its 15 trailheads and over 100 converted railroad bridges providing ample opportunities for exploration.

    Key features:

    • Varied terrain, suitable for all skill levels
    • Historic sites along the route
    • Multiple access points for easy start and stop

    Big Sioux Recreation Area

    Located near Brandon, the Big Sioux Recreation Area offers over 10 miles of twisting eBike trails. This trail is perfect for those seeking a mix of woodland adventures and serene river views.

    Key features:

    • Overlooks the Big Sioux River
    • Diverse flora and fauna sightings
    • Moderate difficulty, great for intermediate riders

    Newton Hills State Park

    Newton Hills State Park, situated south of Canton, is known for its rugged terrain and beautiful forest canopy. eBike riders can expect over 6 miles of winding trails, each promising an adrenaline-pumping experience.

    Key features:

    • Challenging climbs and swift descents
    • Abundant wildlife sightings, including deer and wild turkeys
    • Beautiful fall foliage, ideal for autumn rides

    Sica Hollow State Park

    With a name that translates to 'Bad or Evil' in the Dakota language, Sica Hollow offers over 8 miles of trails rich in Native American history and lore. The ride here is tranquil, with gentle slopes and calming forest scenes.

    Key features:

    • Streams tinted by minerals and vegetation
    • Historic sites and Native American legends
    • Suitable for beginners and family outings

    Bear Butte State Park

    Bear Butte isn't just a spiritual site for Native Americans; it's also a haven for eBike riders. With over 5 miles of trails skirting the mountain base, riders are treated to panoramic views and varied terrains.

    Key features:

    • Striking geological formations
    • Spiritual significance, with prayer cloths and flags adorning the trail
    • Moderate to challenging trails

    Spearfish Canyon

    The beauty of Spearfish Canyon isn’t just in its stunning waterfalls and limestone cliffs, but also in its expansive network of eBike trails. Spanning over 20 miles, these trails offer an unmatched riding experience amidst nature's wonders.

    Key features:

    • Close encounters with waterfalls, including Bridal Veil Falls
    • A combination of gravel and paved paths
    • Opportunities for bird-watching and nature photography


    South Dakota is undoubtedly an eBiker's dream. With its diverse landscapes, rich history, and challenging terrains, there’s a trail for every rider out there. So, grab your eBike and set forth on an adventure to explore these trails. Safe riding!


    Q1: Which eBike trail in South Dakota is best for beginners?

    Sica Hollow State Park is ideal for beginners due to its gentle slopes and easy-to-navigate paths.

    Q2: Are there any seasonal restrictions on eBike trails in South Dakota?

    While most trails are open year-round, it's essential to check specific park websites for seasonal restrictions, especially during winter.

    Q3: Do I need a special permit to ride my eBike in South Dakota parks?

    Generally, no special permit is required for eBikes. However, always check park regulations and guidelines before setting out.

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