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    4 Things You Need to Know About Riding with a Child

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 14

    The apparent method to have fun sounds like riding a brand-new Macfox fat tire e-bike with your child, but you could have some initial concerns about how to utilize an e-bike with your children. That is, are they initially secure for usage by younger users?

    For your benefit and that of your family, many ebikes can be used with kids without incident. It only takes a little knowledge to use an ebike with your child in the most enjoyable, safe, and comfortable ways possible. Here are the four most crucial things you should be aware of while taking a kid on an electric bike.


    • 1.Make Sure Proper Protective Gear is Equipped
    • 2.Ride at Lower Speeds
    • 3.Make Sure your Child is Age-Appropriate for the Ebike in Question
    • 4.Turn Slowly
    • 5.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    1.Make Sure Proper Protective Gear is Equipped

    Making sure your youngster is wearing the most protective gear is the first thing you should do before taking your Macfox ebike out with them. An electric bike should be considered the same as a traditional bike in terms of safety. This implies that when riding, your child must be wearing all of their safety gear.

    Your child should ideally be dressed in every option. This comprises a helmet, knee, elbow, and riding glove protection. Although they are generally not required, goggles are still welcome to be equipped if you have them.

    Whenever your child wishes to ride along with you, make sure they are appropriately outfitted with protective gear in case of rough rides or a flipped over bike.

    Adult Electric M

    2.Ride at Lower Speeds

    Some electric bikes have a top speed that is way too high for some people, let alone kids. For some riders who are just starting out, even the Macfox range of electric bikes, with a top speed of 26 or 28 mph, is too fast.

    It is crucial to operate your ebike at slower speeds when traveling with your youngster as a result. This applies whether they are riding the bike themselves or are accompanying you while you are riding.

    You should use your best judgment to determine the ideal speeds for this circumstance. The key factors are your child's age and background. A speed of between 5 and 10 mph will be suitable.

    Start off very slowly and then gradually increase pace until you find a comfort zone that is both enjoyable and secure for your child. This is a helpful advice.

    If your electric bike has multiple gear settings, keep in mind that you should definitely use them when riding with a youngster. These will set a maximum speed limit so you won't have to bother about manually maintaining stability. Your reduced speed will be taken care of by the altered gear mode, allowing you to focus entirely on having fun on the journey with your child.

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    3.Make Sure your Child is Age-Appropriate for the Ebike in Question

    If your child is mature enough and under the supervision of an adult, they might be able to ride the ebike by themselves. You must determine whether your e-bike is in the appropriate class so that younger riders can use it.

    You must be at least three years old to operate ebikes that are categorized as class 3. The legal minimum age to ride one of these bikes is 16, as they are too strong and fast for children.

    There are no such age limitations for class 1 and class 2 ebikes, and since Macfox ebikes are class 1, you can let your kids use them without worrying about the law.

    Teenagers 13 and older can ride Macfox bikes without or with adult supervision, but we still advise them to wear the appropriate safety gear and to be supervised by an adult until they are comfortable using an electric bike. This will guarantee that the protective equipment is worn correctly and there are no accidents or misuses of it.

    Electric Road Bike

    Younger children, those aged 12 and under, can still learn how to operate an ebike, but only after receiving sufficient instruction, just like with a traditional bike. Teach them the essentials of biking, such as how to balance a bike and how quickly to accelerate and brake. Your child is most likely not ready for an electric bike if they still use training wheels to ride a regular bike.

    Having said that, it goes without saying that you shouldn't ride an e-bike with an infant. Before your child rides an ebike with you, they should be at least four years old or as old as they are physically able to ride a bike on their own.

    4.Turn Slowly

    One of the most crucial lessons to learn when using an e-bike with a youngster is to turn very slowly, always. As so many ebikes lose their balance because their rider chose to make a turn too sharply, this is the most crucial piece of advice available for preventing any collisions or tip-overs.

    This advise is applicable in all circumstances, whether your child is riding by themselves or with you and they are in any other way accompanying you. Even in ideal weather and on the flattest, smoothest terrain conceivable, turning slowly is always a good idea whether you're traveling at 3 mph or 12 mph.

    If you frequently plan to take your child out on an electric bike, you might want to think about investing in more electric bike accessories. It may be mounted on the bike's back and functions effectively as a passenger seat. You must confirm that your bike's load capacity can support both you and your child, as well as that its electric motor has the torque necessary for such duties.

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    What are the important safety gear items for a child riding an electric bike?

    The child should wear a helmet, knee and elbow protection, riding gloves, and optionally, goggles.

    How should an electric bike be ridden when accompanied by a child?

    The electric bike should be operated at lower speeds, typically between 5 and 10 mph, to ensure safety and comfort for the child.

    What age restrictions apply to riding an electric bike with a child?

    For class 3 electric bikes, riders must be at least 16 years old. There are no age restrictions for class 1 and class 2 electric bikes, such as Macfox ebikes.

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