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    Electric Bikes vs. Mopeds: Things to Know Before Purchasing

    • By Bettina Wahl
    • Mar 06

    Electric bicycles are transforming the transportation industry and are sweeping the market.Lightweight, fast and eco-friendly, these lightweight e-bikes allow you to reduce the pollution and noise produced by your car.

    Therefore, it is no surprise that e-bike sales will reach 40 million units in 2023, enjoying $20 billion in annual sales. But as electric bikes continue to popularize, the question of how they compare to an electric moped also arises.

    To help you make the right purchase, we've created a comprehensive guide to electric bikes and mopeds and their differences:


    • 1.A Quick Glance at Electric Bikes
      • 1.1 Pros of Purchasing an Electric Bike
      • 1.2 Cons of Purchasing an Electric Bike
    • 2.A Quick Glance at Electric Mopeds
      • 2.1 Pros of Purchasing an Electric Moped
      • 2.2 Cons of Purchasing an Electric Moped
    • 3.What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Bike?e
      • 3.1 Driving School
      • 3.2 Fuel
      • 3.3 Maintenance
      • 3.4 Safety Gear
      • 3.5 Insurance
      • 3.6 Rules and Regulations
    • 4.What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Moped
      • 4.1 Driving School
      • 4.2 Maintenance
      • 4.3 Safety Gear
      • 4.4 Insurance
      • 4.5 Rules and Regulations
    • 5.The Bottom Line:Which One Is the Best for You
    • 6.Maybe it will be helpful for you

    A Quick Glance at Electric Bikes

    An electric bike or e-bike is a lightweight open vehicle with pedals and an electric battery that drives power when the rider starts pedaling.

    Unlike their electric motor counterparts, e-bikes weigh less and allow manual pedaling. According to federal laws, an electric bike has pedals and an electric motor boasting no more than one horsepower.

    In addition, electric bikes may be of various types, ranging from smaller motors to more powerful ones that provide over 30 miles per hour. A bonus of e-bikes is you don't need insurance or registration to start riding.

    Electric bik

    Pros of Purchasing an Electric Bike

    E-bikes provide numerous benefits over electric mopeds, including:

    • Budget-friendly
    • It doesn't require a driver's license, making it accessible to a diverse range of people
    • Enjoy more miles on a single charge
    • Fewer area restrictions, allowing you to travel on sidewalks and park lanes
    • Simple and less expensive to maintain and insure e-bikes than e-mopeds
    • Flexible parking restrictions, which minimize hassles with local authorities
    • Encourages you to exercise, providing health benefits
    • Easier to transport an e-bike for servicing
    • Electric bikes, particularly mountain e-bikes, can travel off-road on trails and rocky terrains
    • E-bikes provide you durability and eco-friendly benefits, compared to e-mopeds which create more emissions

    Cons of Purchasing an Electric Bike

    Let's discuss several disadvantages of electric bikes:

    • High-quality e-bikes are heavy on the pocket
    • Although e-bikes provide long mileages, they require extended charging times
    • E-bikes require comparatively more maintenance than a regular bike
    • Unbranded e-bikes lack an after-sales support

    A Quick Glance at Electric Mopeds

    An electric moped, or sit-down scooter, comprises an electric motor and battery instead of a robust gas engine. The word "Moped" refers to a motor (mo) and pedal (ped).

    Although people often confuse mopeds with scooters, the two are structurally different. Mopeds include a leg shield and body to protect the electrical components and a foot platform for riders to rest their feet.

    Like most mopeds, e-mopeds have more relaxed licensing requirements than powerful motorcycles.

    Pros of Purchasing an Electric Moped

    Now let's dive into the benefits of electric mopeds over e-bikes:

    • E-mopeds travel faster, boasting up to 45 km/h, whereas e-bikes have a maximum of 35 km/h
    • E-mopeds don't require cycle lanes
    • It's easier to travel further and longer on an e-moped than an e-bike, making them a better option than cars
    • They are more robust and durable, making them challenging to steal  
    • E-mopeds don't require physical effort to ride, eliminating sweat and fatigue while commuting
    • Allows you to ride with your partner or work buddy
    • Provides adequate storage space
    • E-mopeds require license requirements, leading to more frequent rides

    Cons of Purchasing an Electric Moped

    E-mopeds have several disadvantages, including:

    • They don't provide health benefits
    • It poses safety issues since there are no lanes or driver's license requirements
    • Comparatively slower than electric cars and motorcycles
    • They're more expensive

    What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Bike?

    Here are several things to consider before purchasing an e-bike to travel across the city:

    Driving School

    Unlike cars and motorcycles, e-bikes save you the trouble of attending a driving school and taking a test before you can start riding.

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    But if you don't know to drive an e-bike, consider reading about it or taking a course.


    As the name suggests, e-bikes don't require gas. These bicycles comprise an electric battery pack costing $0.03 to $0.05 and lasting 20 to 40 miles.


    Like most vehicles, an e-bike requires maintenance to ensure optimum performance and extended lifespan.

    A bonus of e-bikes is they require less maintenance and cost up to $75 yearly!

    Safety Gear

    Safety is a priority whether you're riding a manual or electric bike. Although not a rule, it's always best to wear helmets when riding.

    Furthermore, if you're a newbie, we recommend wearing knee and elbow pads.


    It's wise to get an insurance plan to cover your e-bike. That said, it's not a necessity, but it's always a good idea to protect you against robbery and structural damages.

    Electric bike tax credit

    Rules and Regulations

    E-bike laws vary from state to state, so consider state laws before you start riding your electric bicycle.

    However, most U.S. states don't require registering your e-bike, so you can begin cycling after your purchase.  

    What Should You Consider Before Buying an Electric Moped?

    Now that we've covered e-bikes let's discuss the things you must remember when seeking a high-quality e-moped:

    Driving School

    Most state laws do not require you to attend a driving school. However, taking driving lessons to learn how to operate an e-moped appropriately can be helpful.


    E-mopeds are more likely to break down than an e-bike; therefore, you must maintain your vehicle to ensure optimum efficiency.

    Safety Gear

    Unlike e-bikes, riding an e-moped requires a helmet. Mopeds can travel much faster; therefore, you must wear the appropriate safety gear to protect yourself.


    Getting insurance for your e-moped can help protect yourself against mishaps and theft. While not a requirement, we highly recommend it.

    Rules and Regulations

    All states require e-moped riders to register their vehicle before they start riding. Typically, this costs between $100 and $150.

    The Bottom Line:Which One Is the Best for You?

    pedal assist electric bike and e-mopeds allow you to travel quickly and enjoy eco-friendly benefits. Consider the pros and cons of both electric vehicles before purchasing.

    Furthermore, consider the primary factors we discussed to ensure you know everything about e-bikes and e-mopeds beforehand. Remember, whatever you choose, have fun!

    Maybe it will be helpful for you:


    What are the advantages and disadvantages of electric bikes?

    Advantages: Cost-effective, accessible, longer travel range, eco-friendly, lower maintenance and insurance costs.

    Disadvantages: Higher upfront cost, longer charging times, increased maintenance, limited after-sales support.

    What are the benefits and drawbacks of electric mopeds?

    Benefits: Higher speed, flexible lanes, longer travel range, increased durability.

    Drawbacks: No health benefits, safety concerns, higher cost.

    What factors should be considered before purchasing an electric bike or an electric moped?

    Factors to consider for electric bikes: Driving school, battery range, maintenance, safety gear, insurance, regulations.

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